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Woo Hoo

I have the best teacher in all the world. Look at me adding doo dads to my blog! Thank you so much Tami! I feel so smart! Any way the next big challenge is the overall look this is just not me but stay tuned I am going strong.

BTW – I just had one of the more perfect days out there I think. Today was Sara’s first day off school so after I taught my step class this morning Lori, Sara and I all went swimming, then we went to McDonalds. Both events are a treat for a almost 5 and almost 7 year old. Then I got time to work on my class and a new proposal got the tile and wood floors cleaned and after 3 days of the flu feel positively fabulous! It was sunny to boot! What an awesome day!

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Well I think my goal will be to start adding things here a little at a time. If I can spend two days a week even adding one thing to snazz up my page then I might not get behind on everything else. We’ll see how that goes. I am so slow with the computer it only took me about 45 minites yesterday to add my blinky to the page. Woo Hoo. I am hoping I will get better as I go and maybe I can convince my graphic artist brother to give me a hand too. he he.