Monday Video and Copic CHA

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Hope everyone is starting their week off right and are shooting through their Monday with ease. I posted my latest video at Copic In The Craft Room featuring this cute image from My Favorite Things.

He turned out pretty cute if I say so myself. I have continued experimenting with no-line coloring and this little guy is done in that style.

I also am pleased to announce that the schedule for CHA 2016 classes has been released! We will release the rest of the 2016 schedule in mid-December. YAY! I am ready to get it all under way!
Standard Certification Class Debbie Olson 1/6/16 
Intermediate Certification Class Debbie Olson 1/7/16 
Faces and Hair Workshop Lori Craig 1/8/16 
Vintage Values and Mono Tones Workshop Lori Craig 1/8/16 
Clothing & Accessories Workshop Lori Craig 1/9/16 
Copic Coloring Series Workshop: Coloring Flowers Michelle Houghton 1/9/16 

For details check in at Imagination International, Inc. 

Video Time! Last Copic Classes for 2015

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This week’s video over at Copic In The Craft Room features one more peek at the Copic Fluorescents.

I also wanted to make sure you know that we are down to our last 4 Copic Coloring Workshops of the 2015 year. If you are near Sacramento, LA, Vancouver or Portland check them out and sign up for a weekend of coloring fun!

Have a happy Colorful week!

Monday starts us off with a haunting new image

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Monday’s video at Copic In The Craft Room is a big hit! I used a digital stamp from a new friend that I met in Ottawa a few weeks ago and everybody loves it. Take a peak if you like:

The stamp can be found at My Whimsical Little World.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Happy colorful week to everyone!

I love Blue Greens How about you?

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The latest Copic Photo Tutorial is featuring the Blue Greens and different ways to add your deepest shadows.

CCR BG70 72 75 78

The sweet little Jellyfish is from Some Odd Girls. To check out the full tutorial you can follow the link found at Copic In The Craft Room or head strait to Pintrest and the CCR board there.

Happy Colorful Thursday to you!

Copic Camouflage Print

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Today’s photo tutorial turned out too stinking cute.  I’ll be honest I was not sure about the image I picked for the tutorial, I love the image but was not sure how well it would work for the camouflage and by the end it is just perfect. Can anyone guess my inspiration? He He


If you would like to see the steps for coloring the patterned shirt click over to Pintrest HERE.

This afternoon I am off to Ottawa Canada! I will be teaching the 3 workshop classes there, I can’t wait to meet my next group of Copic color friends!

Have a Happy Colorful Weekend!