Imagination International, Inc. Holiday Wish List Part 2!

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So I was going to do a top 5 wish list from Imagination International, Inc. BUT there are just too many things I love about the products at III so I am doing a part 2 with 5 more things that I would put on my wish list. So you know, I am only putting items on my wish list that I use regularly! These are things that I pull out multiple times a week and some on a daily basis. So on with the crafty/artsy goodness! If you missed the first 5 scroll down or check them out on this post: Imagination International, Inc. Holiday Wish List Part 1

6. Kirarina Wink pens

I love these opaque pens! I use them on top of my Copics in a lot of situations, in particular small touches of opaque white. Small reflection in an eye anyone? They even have a little shimmer!

7. Is another Kirarina product, Kirarina 2win

Do you have a planner person in your life? You know who I am talking about , list making calendar toting highlighting fool? These are so perfect! They have 2 ends (thus the 2win name) One is a sketch pen and the other is a slightly lighter ink that is a highlighter! All sorts of fun colors AND scented, makes me giggle every time! It takes me right back to grade school! Mr. Sketch ring a bell to anyone out there? These are an upgrade and I have found myself even tucking them into my purse and every corner so they are always available for lists, notes and of course my planner!!

8. Sense Book. OK I know another paper source, but this one I use completely differently! 

Sense books come in refill and non-refill varieties I have both and depending on who you are buying for both have their benefits. Why do I like them, I just like the aspect of different sizes, I have a small one for a prayer journal and medium size one (many of these) for all of my class notes, ideas, quick sketches AND lettering practice. And I love the variety of paper styles as well, they come in lined paper, blank and graph as well. The graph works brilliantly for my lettering practice and the blanks are super fun for quick sketches. 

9. Nobby pencils

These are SO FUN. If you have a sketch artist in your life this would need to get bumped up to #1. These are chunky lead pencils that are perfect for drawing. They even have their own built in sharpeners in the lid. (Don’t forget the refill leads if this makes it into your shopping cart)

10. Tommy Art

OK so out of the list I have given you this is the one I do not reach for regularly BUT it is not because I do not love the product it is a time issue! I heart these paints and all the mediums that come with them! Tommy Art is a chalk based paint that blows the others right out of the park. You know how Copic is the #1 Alcohol marker well Tommy is going to become the #1 crafters paint not to mention DIYer and maybe even some mixed media artists as well! This line includes colors and mediums like waxes, coatings, pastes, transfer gels, sparkle and ohhh metallic! And they are continuing to expand the product line!

Woosh! I am ready to go shop! I hope this helps AND if you ever have questions please ask! I am on-line most days and happy to help!

Have a Happy Colorful Week!

Kirarina 2Win – Oil Based

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Have you tried any of the Kirarina pens yet? I have had a chance to play with a few more of mine and test them out a bit on different surfaces and they are a lot of fun! Kirarina makes several different styles of pens and each is suited for different things. All are fun bright colors that make you want to reach for another to keep playing. I have been using the Kirarina 2Win for a while now in my planner, the highlighter plus coordinating writing end make them absolutely perfect for the job and I love having all m activities color coded 🙂

I am newer to the Kirarina 2win Oil based pens so I really wanted to start by experimenting with the pens to see what and where they would go! Like the 2Win these pens have 2 nibs that are slightly different in color, however unlike the 2 Win the Oil-Based 2Win’s nibs are both small bullet nibs, so no change in size or shape. The Oil-Based pens come in 34 colors (17 pens, each with two colors in them) and a black. The black pen has a bullet nib and a fine tip sketch nib for writing. 


The benefit of the Kirarina 2Win Oil based is in the “oil-based” portion of the name. Because this pen is not water based like so many others it will go where others will not.

I tried writing on Photographs:


I also wrote on a very old acetate made for scrapbooking, this one was designed by Fancy pants and I just added the lettering in amongst the doodling that was already on the plastic sheet:


Then I tried adding a little word art onto a plastic page sleeve. To be honest I was going to try a transparency but my entire box of them disappeared and this was the closest thing I could find! I created the word art on a sheet of graph paper:


Then slid it into the bottom corner of the paper protector and went over the lines with me Kirarina 2Win Oil-Based pens, I love how it turned out!


I could see using these on class or a sturdier plastic to hang in a window. The thinner plastic will work great as a layer over a card front or scrapbook page.  

I had a lot of fun playing with these new to me pens and will surly come back to them! Imagination International, Inc. carries both of the Kirarina 2Win pen lines and has more fun ideas for playing with them as well.

If you would like to see the Oil-Based in action, I will show you how I made the above projects in a video at Copic In The Craft Room next week!

Have a Happy Colorful Week!

X-Press It Foam Tape

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So I am a bit of a foam tape junkie. Love the stuff, love to pop up elements on cards and scrapbook pages. The X-Press It Foam Tape makes it easy.

blog tape 2

I used to buy all kinds of dots and squares, and I just got frustrated with all the waste. The squares were the wrong size, the circles have all the extra scraps around them. Any way I just found myself cutting them all to pieces to suite my needs anyway. I love the tape from X-Press It because now I just cut off exactly what I need in the shape I need it and don’t waste any.

A week and a half back I actually got to go on a scrapbooking weekend! The first in a year and a half and a scrapped three days away! I used my X-Press It Foam tape a lot. Here are some of the results: (These are all from the summer and fall of 2013, boy my girls are growing up!)

blog tape 7

Here is a close up of the little apple elements I fussy cut then popped up. They were a perfect accent for the page and the detention made them shine a little more then the flat paper would have made them. I love that I could even trim a tiny piece to fit up under the leaf.

Blog tape 1

Then of course a zoo page. I have one of these about every 3-4 months in my albums. Our family always LOVES the zoo. we just wander and enjoy the animals. I try to select only a couple photos from each time we visit since we go so often and the giraffe was a highlight of the day. so I fussy cut him and his neck and head pop up above the page. I love the tape to run along his neck supporting the entire length so the photo will not get smashed when I add it to my album.
blog tape 3

Here is a close up of Mr. Giraffe:

blog tape 4

Lastly a series of Halloween photos, all are 4″ x 4″ so they fit across a 12″ x 12″ page perfectly, but then they all run together. Solution, pop up the focal center photo. And with the X-Press It Foam tape you can use nice long strips to support the edges and center of the photo.

blog tape 5

Here you can see the dimension a little better, this one was hard to get a good shot of, but it makes a big difference in the layout.

blog tape 6

the trip was a HUGE success 44 pages complete and OH SO MUCH FUN WITH FRIENDS. I ate too much, laughed too hard and enjoyed way too much. Always good to come home to the family and look forward to the next time 🙂

If you are a crafter that loves the pop up effect you will want to check out the X-Press It Foam tape. Scrapbooking, card making and general crafting I know it is a staple in my tool bag.

Have a scrappy kind of week!

Scrapbooking at last and where have I been?!

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I actually did a little scrapbooking before Christmas this year! It had been almost a year since i had had time or the energy to scrapbook and it really felt decadent to squeeze it into the holiday crush. I made two mini albums, one for each set of grandparents, featuring things we had done together over the past summer.

I have to qualify this and say that the album I made for the Houghton GPs had the paper glues down and sanded to the chipboard and so I just needed to crop, add photos and do-dads. The Weaver GPs got the Mini Album I have been slowly creating over the past 7 months for Copic In The Craft Room. I had all the bases to the pages and do-dads made it was gluing it all down. Not that all that did not take time it just was not a start to finish project all crammed into the week before we left for Arizona.

mini Album blog 1

Mini album blog 2

mini album blog 3

mini album blog 4

Then the four Des Moines Houghton’s tromped off to Arizona for a fabulous time roaming the desert mountains for another holiday.

I had 3 days at home and off to Anaheim, CA for CHA, Craft Hobby Association’s annual convention. Our team had a very successful CHA with lot’s of spectacular classes, demonstrating in the booth, meeting with our team to keep things running smoothly in 2016 and plan ahead for 2017. Overall I had an amazing trip and came back one whipped puppy with a smile on my face. I really do LOVE my job!

CHA 2016

I am cranking away at new videos, curriculum for local and national classes, photo tutorials and you know keeping a house and family running like a well oiled machine, ha ha!

I hope this note finds anyone readying it, happy, healthy and well, tucked in and warm!

Have a Happy Colorful Week!

Get It Scrapped: Unexpected Juxtapositions, Collage and Zentangle Techniques

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I fell off the wagon again, but I have a really good excuse this time!  I have some big changes rumbling around in my world, all good ones and they are keeping me hop, hop, hopping!  So catching you up, I have traveled to both Indianapolis and Columbus, OH since last time I posted.  Copic classes are going well and I have another big trip all the way to Dallas coming up in a few weeks!  If you are in the area you need to check out the workshops HERE.  I would love to have you join me for coloring fun!

I have had three layouts post at Get It Scrapped and all ones that I love. Without a whole lot of explanation here they are with links to the wonderful articles that they are a part of.


Day and Night by Michelle Houghton | supplies: cad stock; Colorbok, patterned paper; Recollections, crochet flowers; SEI, acrylic flower; Studio Calico, butterflies; American Crafts, felt and paper doily, ampersand, vine, glitter dots; Freckled Fawn, pink letters; Bella Blvd., corrugated letters; Pebbles, ink; Sharpie

Juxtoposition close

Pretty self explanatory, beautiful girls, but OH so different.  Anyone who knows them knows just how much, the real beauty lies within though.  These two have the biggest, most caring hearts that rome this world.  To see the article at GIS click HERE.

Next is collage and list making on pages:

Collage or List

30 days 30 photos by Michelle Houghton | Supplies: cardstock; Kraft, letters; American Crafts and Basic Grey, cork; Freckled Fawn, buttons: unknown, Washi tape; My Minds Eye

blog 4

blog 1

The hardest part of this layout was fitting it all in.  There was a lot of resizing, citing and moving about the pages.  Check out the other layouts and inspiration HERE

Lastly is a layout including doodling!  Yay!  I love doodling as most of you know so if offered the job of adding it to a layout purposefully for an assignment I jumped at the chance.


Always Better by Michelle Houghton | Supplies: cardstock; Colorbok, doily; SEI, sticker letters, words, flair scallop frame, puffy sticker, brad and Washi tape; Freckled Fawn, sticker words and acrylic dots; My Mind’s Eye, ink; Sharpie, airbrush and ink; Copic

blog 2

I did all of the doodling first and then masked off areas and airbrushed the background. My Copic ABS airbrush allowed me to quickly add color and pattern right on the same page that I had spent hours adding the detailed doodling.  Check out the other scrapbooker’s layouts for more great inspiration HERE.