Transfer Paper from X-Press It

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X-Press It has come out with a new product that Imagination International, Inc. is now carrying! Transfer paper 🙂 I saw this one last year at CHA and I have been waiting NOT SO PATIENTLY for the product to arrive! I know transfer paper has been around for a very long time. But this is a new and improved version that is worth a look.


Remember the mess transfer paper was? all that black stuff all over your hands and smearing on your paper? Not from X-Press It, clean hands and clean projects the transfer only goes where you put it. And it used to come in gray and or black, but X-Press It has designed both graphite (gray) and white, for transfers onto darker papers. One other bonus (and it is a doozy) is it’s ability to run through a printer. You can print an image or design directly onto the transfer paper, lay it on top of the surface you want to create your art on and go over your lines to transfer. EASY PEASY! 

Today I am going to use it in a more traditional way and transfer a rough draft onto a final surface. I have my rough draft, my paper for my final project, Washington tape to keep things from wiggling and my white transfer paper.


When using the white make sure you check with side to lay towards your final project. The cream side is actually the transfer side.


Then I make a sandwich of my papers. I tape my rough draft on top of my final paper with two small pieces of tape at the top edge and slide my transfer paper in between the two layers.



Next I go over all of my lines with a pencil. If you are concerned you do not have the correct side facing down take a peek after drawing one or two lines to make sure. With the tape holding the paper together you can look with out messing up the transfer.


Then I finish up my art work. I have been doing a lot of practice for our new Hand Lettering Workshop and the X-Press It Transfer paper has been an invaluable tool! Wait till you see how some of the other team members are using the transfer paper with photos!

Make sure to check out all the information at Imagination International, Inc. AND also check dates for all the upcoming Copic Workshops and Certifications. There are several Certification classes that are now open for registration!

Have a Happy Colorful Week! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Holiday Stamp #4! Merry Christmas!

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We have reached the 4th week of my mini giveaway and the fourth stamp in the series that I created for all of you. This week has a Candy Cane for your coloring fun. 


I colored it up and photoed all the steps, you can find the tutorial at Pinterest HERE OR grab the link over at Copic In The Craft Room.

Color away Copic Friends!


Have a Happy Colorful Day!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

Holiday Stamp #3

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Here is the third digital stamp for your use this holiday season. Remember to please direct people back to my blog if you decide to share this image on your social media outlets!  Thank you!


If you would like to see the steps I used to color the holly check them out at this Topic In The Craft Room Tutorial over at Pinterest! HERE


Have a Happy Colorful Day!

Holiday digital stamp #2

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I have another digital stamp for you today! A silly sheep for you all dressed up in a winter hat. You can make yours a holiday sheep or just a snow ready one!


If you would like to see how I colored him up you can check it out at Copic In The Craft Room. This is my finished wooly friend! If you decide to use the sheep and post it somewhere please share my blog as well so others can find the image and the information!


I pray you are spending this Holiday weekend with family and friends.

Have a Happy Colorful Day!

Holiday Stamp #1

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Happy Holidays to all my family and friends! Today and the next three Thursdays I have a holiday gift for those who love Copics and coloring. Today’s image is a pair of winter mittens. I created them fairly plane figuring that many would enjoy adding their own designs and patterns.


You can find the tutorial over at Pinterest Here

I colored mine very simply, but feel free to decorate! I would love to see your finished mittens. You can post them over at Copic In The Craft Room!


Happy Holidays Part 1!

Have a Happy Colorful Day!