New Challenge over at Dare 2B Artzy – November Grateful

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This month we are celebrating gratitude at Dare 2B Artzy! Create a piece signifying something or someone you are grateful. 

Make sure to head over to the blog for all the rules and regulations so you can enter for a chance to win D2BA goodies! I know I would be grateful for those! 

For a little inspiration I am sharing a gratitude journal I started last year and will be trying to continue this year as soon as UPS returns it to me. (GRUMBLE) I know not a very thankful attitude, I am a work in progress and I am working on re-focusing after a few bumps in my personal journey through life.

Here is a quick peak at what it looks like inside. I really was just attempting to write down one thing I am grateful for each day. Sometimes a single word or name other times a phrase or thought. 

The outer cover is a recycled leather that I love the feel of, and the book I chose has graph paper inside so perfect for a little daily hand lettering practice. Which I also need to get back to…the list is long. I decided to take some old art work off the cover, you can still see the remains, but I am OK with that. I then stamped the cover with several stamps from the Tangle Leaves set from Dare 2B Artzy.

The Totally Black Premium Dye Ink worked incredibly well on the cover and turned out a rich black. I then colored the images with my Copics. I tested color first to find the colors I wanted to use:

Then started in on the leaves:

The colors blended extremely well on the unique surface and the Ink sat solid!

My journal needed a new look and the beautiful stamps from D2BA were absolutely perfect! Make sure to check in again on Thursday as I will be sharing some cards made with the same beautiful set!

As you begin your November begin to count your blessings and find joy in all that surrounds you.

Have a Happy Colorful Week!


Creating Halloween Cards With Copic and Kirarina!

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I have some Halloween cards to share this week. There will be another next week as well, and videos too! This week I started with some crazy cute digital stamps by MMedel Illustrations. I colored them up with my Copic markers of course! Here is a quick close up of the 3 that I colored:

If you would like to see the coloring and take a peek at all the colors used head over to the Copic In The Craft Room YouTube channel!

This week I added them all to cards! I LOVE how these turned out, simple phrases and doodling with Kirarina Wink pens. The slight shimmer and the opaque color are perfect for the darker card bases!

Here is a close up look at the three cards:

Here is my second video! This one is featuring the doodling and hand lettering with the Kirarina Wink. 

The Kirarina Wink has become one of my go to pens in my tool box, I love the opaque nature it works so well on all sorts of different papers and beautifully on top of copic work as well.

Have a Happy Colorful Week!



Dare 2B Artzy Notebook

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I have a little Dare 2B Artzy inspiration for you today! I decided to create another simple gift that would be easy to re-produce in multiples for friends and/or family. I used the Big Bloom stamp set to create the full project.

I started with plain copy paper cut down to 3 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ and used a stamp platform to stamp multiple pages with this fun “lined” stamp. The little flowers are just asking to be checked off right?

Then after stamping all the pages in the one spot I moved the stamp and ran them all the pages through a second time to give my list making friends more to-do lines.

Next I cut a cover out of watercolor paper (slightly larger then the pages) and a backing out of chipboard the same size, both 3 3/4″ x 4 3/4″. I stamped the front with the flower from the same Big Bloom set. 


Grab some markers and away we go!

Here are some quick peeks at the color ing process. Fading to white is easy with my blue and colorless blender! First I colored the blue, flicking it outward form the flower

Then I pulled the color with my Colorless Blender using flicks and small circles to soften the edge so it will fade to white.

On the flower I found that some of the colors worked more easily in a different order then I normally use. Typically I color light, medium and then dark and then work in reverse. On the flower where I used the RV colors it was easier to color my middle color, dark, blend with the medium and finish with the light only at the end. 

This is a good example where it is worth testing out your process when you are working with different materials, for this project the watercolor paper will work considerably different then my normal smooth cardstock.

Midtone – 

Dark – 

Midtone – 

Finish with light – 

Now that the cover is done I used my Bind-It-All to create a little note book!

Love it!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Here is the short list of the D2BA products I used for this project:

Big Bloom


Totally Black Premium Dye Ink


Have a Happy Colorful Day!



Dare 2B Artzy Gifts Bookmarks (Copic on Watercolor Paper)

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So I know we say Copic goes on smooth cardstock, but today I am breaking the rules! Favorite part of art Learn the rules so you can break them 🙂 Today I am coloring on watercolor paper.

Today’s post is with a beautiful stamp set by Dare 2B ArtzyThe Potter.” I started by cutting one large sheet of watercolor paper down into 24 smaller bookmark sized pieces, 2 1/2″ x 6″ and stamped them with my stamps ( I used three from the set and set them up on my Misti for mass production)

Now for some Copics, here is a peek at what they look like before blending similar to cardstock, take a peek at the back too, not as much bleeding through, this is heavy paper. I love the rich color and wait to see how it blends!! (E95, E97, E99) We tell people to stay away from watercolor paper because it absorbs so much moisture so it sucks up that Copic ink as well. I have my refills sitting right here so I am just not worried about using up my ink.

Then I blended it just like normal, it blends beautifully. Watercolor paper is super soft so the blending is really easy!

I finished off my bookmark and added rounded corners and a simple tie. Here is another peek at the back as well. I could cover the back with patterned paper or more watercolor paper, but as usual I am not worried 🙂

Here is a quick close up of the image as well.

Head over to Dare 2B Artzy to see all the current goodies and while you are there check out this months challenge as well! (There are prizes to be had you know!)

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a Happy Colorful Week!





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Yep, Marianne Walker is bringing a new word into our lives! Wondering what it means? It is a German word that means “diversion from its proper use”. The challenge, use an Imagination International, Inc. product in a zweckentfremdung fashion. Little did I know that I did some research for this very post this past month at Copic In The Craft Room

On Thursdays I have been posting fun questions about Copic, crafting and general silliness. We have had incredible participation and wonderful responses. It is truly exciting to see the Copic crafting family so active and involved! Any way, I posed the question “Favorite Copic “alternative” use? Other than coloring in an image” and I got all sorts of answers! So I have compiled a list and added a few photos where I have tried a few of these “alternative” uses or zweckentfremdung uses for my Copic markers!

  • Adding color back into bleached carpet
  • Matching wood varnish where worn out
  • Coloring over stains on cloths
  • Change the color of the roots of high quality wigs 
  • Color Ribbon to match art work
  • On white thread to perfectly match clothing being sewn
  • Touching up scuffed shoes
  • Gray hairs
  • Add color to decorative pearls or rhinestones
  • Color a bleached spot on clothing
  • Pet damage on wood furniture
  • To enhance metal embellishments, decorations and jewelry
  • Brush Lettering
  • Touching up Cabinets
  • Touching up Seat Covers in the car
  • Touching up frame on eye glasses
  • Air Brushing mattes for art work
  • Decorating an air cast
  • With Wood Burning
  • Fixed old wall paper
  • Black out personal info on junk mail before throwing out

Here I am testing a couple out: 

First I am correcting some scratching on wood, this happens to be a busy bench in our mud room so it is COVERED in scratches I am showing you a larger gouge in amongst many other scratches 🙂

Then I tackled some gray hair (he he) I do not have man and it is hard to see in the photo. The rest of the color in my hair is NOT Copic even though many have asked. 

And of course coloring all sorts of do-dads to go on all your crafting projects to create your perfect matching embellishments!


Copic markers lend them selves to all sorts of coloring since they stick to most surfaces and come in such a WIDE range of colors. This list is only a sampling for some of the uses some have found for these Fab-U-Lous markers. No wonder why we love them so very much!

We are having so much fun over at Copic In The Craft Room! Come join in the conversation and inspiration.

Have a Happy Colorful Week!