The 2017 Copic season has posted

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I know I shouted the news that the 2017 classes had been announced and that the first classes are currently available for registration. Our first round of Standard Certification, Intermediate certification, Copic Coloring Flowers, Hand Lettering, Copic Coloring Animals and Comic Coloring Landscapes are filling up FAST! 

I happen to know that a few of them only have one or two spots left! 


The Phoenix classes run Wednesday January 18th through Saturday January 21st. I would love to see you there! For full descriptions of each of the Certification and Workshop Classes make sure to check out the Imagination International, Inc. page HERE

What you may NOT know yet is that the ENTIRE 2017 class season has posted! You can see the full schedule now at Imagination International, Inc. Remember that classes open for registration 60 days prior to the event. If you want to make sure not to miss your location check back here, I continually update my class openings in the sidebar of my blog OR sign up to be on the mailing list at III.

Find out if one of our FAB-U-LOUS instructors will be in a city near you this coming year and save the date!

Have a Happy ColorFull Week!

Remember to check back Thursday for the fourth and final free digital stamp for the holiday season!

Shading Objects and Creating Depth with Copic Workshops

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The Copic Papercraft Team get’s asked frequently, “What is that Vintage Values and Mono Tones class all about? I really don’t do vintage images and don’t want to color things mono tone so why would I take the class?”

Well here is the answer!

When the Copic team designed the Vintage Values and Mono Tones class we were listening to YOU! We take the public’s input very seriously when we design our classes and one of the most frequent requests is for information on creating consistent light source and shadows on objects. Once an artist discovers the magic of Copic and figures out the basics of blending the colors they are ready to tackle shading and shadowing, but where to start?

Enter Vintage Values and Mono Tones!

Blov Vintage

This class is all about using shading to create that three dimensional look we are all trying to achieve. We start class with a quick discussion of why tackle mono tone images, how it will help, and how to begin looking for that illusive light source.

We practice creating a consistent light source on a variety of images, creating a cheat sheet we can come back to later.

We move on to color 4 images from start to finish, creating rich depth and contrast with a limited color palette to really hit home the concept of consistent, strong light on an object.

blog 4

This past year and a half this class has been the unsung hero of our teaching schedule. We have more light bulbs going off and more “ahh ha” moments in this class then in any other we teach. They value the information received in workshop weekends, and they leave feeling much more confident with creating shape and depth on a wide variety of images.

A side bonus of the class is our exploration of the incredible range of Earth Tones! Who knew that the Copic Earth Tones had such breadth of color…well we did and we are crazy excited to be spreading a new love and appreciation for this large color family!


We still have several locations this year where the Vintage Values and Mono Tones class will be visiting and there will even be some lucky locations in 2017 that still have the opportunity to catch this information packed class. Check out the remaining 2016 schedule HERE and come join us!

Mixed Media Scratch Art - Sneaky Peek!

Mixed Media Scratch Art – Sneaky Peek!

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The third of my mixed media classes is going to start next Wednesday at Creative Passion!  This third installment is all about scratch art, and I have to tell you this one is HANDS DOWN my favorite of the 3.  I like both the painting and the mosaic/collage, but the scratch art lessons are the bomb! If you love getting messy and trying new things this class is going to be for you!  Check out a few of the techniques we are trying!

Do you like texture?

blog SA1


How about hand created details?

Blog SA2

Maybe whimsical is more your style?

Blog SA3

Come by and check it out HERE!  We are going to have a BLAST!

Happy Monday!

New Class!

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I have a brand new class at Creative Passion!  Here are all the details!  Click on the image above to take you to the sales page.

This class is for beginners and intermediate students who are ready to start coloring images on their own.

In this new one of a kind workshop, we will be focusing on where to put your shading and learning why it goes there. During class homework students will be asked to work in multiple mediums, Copics could be one of the mediums you choose but you do not have to own any markers to learn, gain knowledge and participate fully in this class.

What will I learn in this class?

This class will be concentrating on the basics of shading and adding cast shadows to images.  We will be using primarily simple shapes and forms to practice on during class assignments.  Your lessons will include:

  • Week 1:  Terminology, the “where” and the “why” of light
  • Week 2:  Basic Shapes
  • Week 3:  Transferring to complex shapes
  • Week 4:  Adding color



How will this help my art?

Shading for Copic Artists –

  • Become more confident adding shading and dimension to your own images and stamps.
  • Learn how to start combining color families in your shading to add even more depth and interest to your coloring

If you are brand new to Copics make sure to first check out Copic Craze or a similar beginning Copic class so you know how to use your markers.

Shading for Art Journalers –

  • Learn how to help shapes take on a three dimensional look
  • Add shading on figures to give them more character and life

Shading for Painters –

  • Learn to add dimension to still lives
  • Add shading to portraits and figure studies

Shading for Sketch artists –

  • Take the guess work out of where to put shading
  • Learn how to place cast shadows

 Your class will include:

  • 4 PDF lessons you can print and/or save to your computer to come back to as often as you want
  • JPG images of grids and basic shapes to print that will help you with class assignments
  • 4 videos that will compliment and expand on the written lessons
  • A private forum and gallery where you can get one on one help from Michelle and input from classmates

Register today and come back to the basics to learn how light works, how it will look on different shapes and forms and how it affects the area around an object.

!!!Copic News!!!

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This is the one I have been waiting for!  I am thrilled to announce that I have been invited to teach for Imagination International Inc. Yes that is right!  Copic!  I will be the first in a new series of classes offered to Copic enthusiasts everywhere.  The department is called “Special Project Series” and here is a short blurb about the new program.

The Special Project Series is a chance for crafters to take project-based classes in which Copic products are used with a number of other mediums to create interesting, unique, and fun-to-make projects!  From journaling to drawing, and painting to jewelry making, the new Special Project Series will offer classes that will inspire and excite.  Classes will range in location, duration and price and will typically be one-time-only offerings.  Special Project Series instructors are the best-of-the-best and design their own favorite hands-on classes to give you an amazing creative learning experience.

I have two brand new classes to start the project off right and you can be among the first to participate.  I will be teaching a Mixed Media Apron class and Copic Doodle Bead Jewelry class.  Here is a link to see all the information AND get signed up!  I will be in the Kansas City area this first round.

Here are images from both classes.

Apron 1

Jewelry 1

I will be posting about this more so I make sure everyone knows!  Thank you to Colleen and the whole team at Imagination International Inc.  For giving me this amazing opportunity!

Hugs all!  And see you in Kansas City this August!