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Ever had a cool new stamp that has you inspired to create an awesome background? I have a new set of Stampendous stamps by Laurel Burch and I am in LOVE. I love Laurel’s art work anyway and now I can get it in stamps, AND they lend themselves to the amazing vibrant colors of Copic so I just couldn’t wait to pull one right our of the mailing envelope and get coloring!

I knew before I began that I wanted to complete the image with a fabulous background as well. I could cut out the image and stick them to a separate back ground. I could try to work around the image carefully OR I could mask it. Have you ever used a post it or scratch paper to create a mask for your image? It is pretty easy, but I want to show you an even easier, more effective way to mask your image. You can use Mask It made by X-Press It. It is a clear film with light adhesive that you can lay over your image, trim away and then create your background over. Hard to describe so let me show you!

I colored my images first, I could just stamp and wait till the end to color, but like I said I was a little color happy when I got these stamps :-).

mask 1

Again the stamp is by Stampendous and from the new Laurel Burch line, this one is called Indigo Cats.

Then I cut out a piece of Mask It that was large enough to cover the area I wanted to mask. I could have cut it to only cover the cats and save on usage but I was not sure yet what I was going to do so made my sheet as big as the paper. 

I peeled off the paper backing and carefully laid the clear adhesive sheet over my image.

mask 2

I decided I was going to air brush the entire background so really only needed the cats covered so I  used a craft knife to go right over the black outline of the cats. You might need to experiment a little with pressure. You do not want to go through the paper, just the plastic mask.

mask 3

Then I peeled off the plastic where I will be airbrushing and left the cats covered so they will be protected from spray.

mask 4

I used 3 different colors in my air brush to create a modeled background. Notice that some of the spray has gone over the cats.

mask 5

Then I discovered that the stamp set came with a stencil! BONUS I added the fun graphic shapes with the air brush as well.

mask 6

I peeled off the mask and the cats popped out all nice and clean from over spray. One of the HUGE advantages to a mask film is all the edges stay tight to the paper!

mask 7

The card only needed a base and this gorgeous copper painted paper (thanks Tommy Art!)

mask 8

If you are interested in trying this masking technique, check out all the details for the Mask It at Imagination International, Inc.

Have a Happy Colorful Week!


More Glitter can only be GOOD!

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One more new product from X-Press It for glittery goodness. Glitter Deco Tape is not new BUT how about wide tape? 1 inch wide to be exact. It tears easily by hand, is acid free, 10 meters per roll and available in gold and silver. 


I stepped away from the holiday creating to add some glitter to an image I created several years back and had yet to add to a card.

I edged the card base with the Glitter Deco Tape and the wide width made it so easy to wrap around all the edges. I laid the tape half on half off the edge of the paper:


Then trimmed the tape right to the corner, I used scissors to keep the line crisp, but if I was adding this tape to a scrapbook page or journal page I would tear it for a nice uneven edge.

Then I clipped the inner corner so that it will not crumple in the fold of the card.


I finished the card with some ribbon and attaching the flower. I’ll be honest I am not sure how I feel about the finished card. But I am a firm believer that completing the card and having it ready to mail off to a friend is the important part!


The Glitter Deco Tape is a fun addition to my crafting tool box. If you would like to see a little more or add some to your collection check it out at Imagination International, Inc.

Have a Happy Colorful Day!

Shiny new stuff YAY!

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New products that glitter and shine from X-Press It! Just in time for the holidays and adding a little sparkle to your handcrafted gifts! The first product is a new line of Foil Deco Tape. It comes in a set of these 10 BEAUTIFUL colors and shines up even simple projects. It is narrow and flexible for easy application not to mention repositionable. There is 9 feet of tape per each roll and the tape adheres smoothly with no bubbles. Even the packaging is well though through, you can take the rolls off and then slide them all back on for easy storage!


I created these fun envelopes with a simple stamp from Essentials by Ellen. I colored this little guy on front with Copic Sketch markers. I fussy cut around him and then added him to my envelope, but FIRST I added three simple stripes of Foil Deco Tape. It just makes the image shine!


The foil is so clean and crisp! The address will look so cute riding between the stripes!

On the back of the envelope I added another little elf and “you’ve been elf’d” from the stamp set. 


This was fast and easy and the Deco Foil Tape added so much to the design. You can check out more about this new product at Imagination International, Inc.

Have a Happy Colorful Day!

X-Press It Glue Markers

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So I color A LOT! Like really A LOTI create a video and photo tutorial each week, I travel and teach a weekend full of classes most months as well as teach classes locally about once a month. To tip it off I am creating new manuals and then of course I just like to color so I try to squeeze in some fun coloring just for me every once and a while!

Then I end up with a mountain of images just sitting. So I finally break down and mass produce cards. I have a process and thought you might get a giggle to see how I do it. My cards are not always the stunning works of arts that I would like them to be, but I get’er done and besides they have pretty art work on them right? That counts right?

1 – I start by pairing a large group of images with a card base color and then at least one or two coordinating papers to go with it.


2 – I run my images through my Brother Scan and Cut if I want them fussy cut. Some will just get trimmed down, but lots will get fussy cut and the Brother scan and cut can do a whole group all in one pass!


3 – Then I am ready to start assembling cards, I try to find a couple trims and patterned paper sometimes to go with images.


4 – I fold all the card bases and attach all the patterned paper or card front layers. I often will use the X-Press It broad tip glue marker because it is easy, fast and a great adhesive.


5 – Then comes the fun part I add the images and just one or two little details to add a little life to the card. I often find myself reaching for both the broad and fine tip X-Press It Glue markers since they are quick and easy and can get into all those small little details. Again I keep my cards SIMPLE. But then I have a stack of cards for any occasion and can pull them out for happy mail at any time! If you are interested in the X-Press glue pens they come in 3 sizes and can be found right HERE on the Imagination International, Inc. web page.


Hope you have had time recently to be crafty no matter what you created!

Have a Happy Colorful week!

New Tape Runner!

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I will admit I am slightly addicted to tape runners. I have tried the best and the worst, the biggest and the smallest, permanent and movable, reusable and disposable. Some have been very successful others have been disasters. Many of my scrapbooking friends know that pinching pennies for about 6 years during med-school and residency I created hundreds of pages with a double sided tape that after about 5 years had started to loose it’s tack. Yes I have HUNDREDS of pages that are literally falling apart! I have not yet braved the process of going through and trying to re-attach EVERYTHING. I know it will all eventually fall off the page, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

So I have settled into some better brands and was thrilled this past January, while working at CHA to discover that X-Press It has come out with a tape runner. I love their glue pens and their foam tape so I was very excited to see what they had come up with. (I like their double sided tape as well, I just prefer a dispenser.) Lucky me Imagination International, Inc. is carrying them so I get to play!


So here is what they thought about AND why I am loving it!

  • Extra-strong permanent adhesive – so far so good, adhering paper, ribbon twine…
  • Acid and Solvent Free – a must have for crafting
  • Heat Resistant – added bonus if embossing or ironing is needed
  • Smooth application that doesn’t “gum up” – no gummy lumps, yes please!
  • 1/3″ wide x 13 yards – for a tape addict gotta love the longer length
  • cover for runner is attached, swings and locks out of the way – no loosing it on my desktop or in my bag
  • lift and break tape – no stopping and pulling, no holding a trigger, just happy where you want it and lift away, no brainer
  • solid strip of tape – no dots or dashes and still breaks away when you int away from the paper

Today I was busy making cards for a local class and the new X-Press It the runner came through with flying colors all 4 cards are ready to go. Nothing fancy but all together and check off the to-do list. Thank you X-Press IT!

card 1

card 2










card 4

card 3









If you are interested in the tape runner check it out HERE. If you are interested in my local class check it out HERE.

Have a Happy Colorful Day!