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Happy weekend fun!

September 15, 2014 |  by  |  Scrapbooking  |  No Comments

Just a quick check in and then I will load up this week with art work!  I went to an super duper fun filled day crop with two of my very best friends.  Brenda Neff and I hopped on air planes and dropped in on our friend Tami Taylor in Las Vegas!  She was hosting the event and we helped her organize on Friday and then cropped all day on Saturday!


I got 20 pages done yes 20!  I am so glad I went mostly seeing Tami and Brenda but all the good food and spectacular scrapping time was pretty sublime as well.  The group includes a lot of amazing, fun, crazy scrappers and crafters.  It was truly a pleasure to be so warmly welcomed into their ranks for the weekend.

My plan is to share a few of the layouts that I completed over the next few days.  I have to say it was well worth the hour or two that I spent organizing my supplies and going through my embellishments and organizing,  most of the layouts went very quickly and although none of them are crazy fancy, most are pretty cut and paste, I do like them all.  There were none that made my teeth itch.  In fact a few are quite nice :-)  So I will photo tomorrow and then try to share a few.

In the mean time Copic is adding it’s last few locations for the 2014 season and I have updated these in my Copic class listing.  You can find the link to them all down the right side of my blog.  Easy Peasy!

Happy Scrapping and Coloring!

Scrapbooker’s Blog Tour

September 8, 2014 |  by  |  Scrapbooking  |  1 Comment

Welcome all you blog hoppers!  I am thrilled to be participating in a Scrapbooker’s Blog Hop!  My very dear scrapping friend Christy Strickler tagged me last Monday.  I was honored and not a little humbled.  Christy is a fabulous scrapper and writes one of my favorite blogs to check in on!  She is consistently posting wonderful information and inspiration.

So on with the fun stuff:

What am I working on right now?

I am writing A LOT!  I am knee deep in writing 3 new classes; a Sketchbook Challenge that consists of 40 challenges, a refresh of Copic Craze a beginning level Copic class and a brand new Copic coloring class.  I am also busy coloring up new images for the new Copic classes for the 2015 class season.  I will be teaching all over the country this year for Imagination International Inc.  and I can’t wait to get started.  Sorry I can’t give you a peek at those yet, but let me tell you the new classes are AMAZING!

On the scrapping front I have been busy, busy!  I have managed to steal a few minutes to get some fun scrapping done on top of my assignments at Get It Scrapped. Here are a couple that I like.

Turtle Beach

this is my fave

How long does it take me to create a project?

It is completely dependent on what I am adding to the page.  I tend to add hand made touches to many of my pages and that can take time.  The pages above only took about 30 minutes a piece, but if I am doing a page with a lot of ink, doodling, hand stitching or something like that it can take up to 3 to 4 hours to complete a single page.  This page from a few months ago took closer to 3 hours with the inking, doodling and collaging of photos.


What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?

I am loving playing with wood veneers, trying new mediums like Paper Crafter Crayons, Gelatos and a Geli plate I was gifted about a year ago.  I just like playing in general!  And I have been LOVING getting my Copics flying again.  It has been way too long and I am so excited to be focusing back in on that part of my creating again!

2014-08-31 13.24.47

How does my writing/creating process work?

A lot of my creating these days centers around assignments and projects these days.  Writing classes for Creative Passion, writing tutorials and Creative Team assignments at Get It Scrapped and now the new classes for Imagination International.  So many of my projects are starting with a specific focus.  If I manage to find a few free moments I usually start a new page with my photos.  I pick out photos that I love and next comes papers.  I lay out photos and papers to get a general feel of placement and then fun part, the icing on top!  I add the embellishments, the painting and doodling or splatters of ink.  Often i will take a phone photo of my photos on the papers then pull it all apart, add the fun artsy layers and then put it all back together again using my photo as reference.

How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

I spend a little time every week on Pintrest and Feedly, my blog reader, skimming through and saving ideas for inspiration.  I also LOVE both Masterful Scrapbook Design and Scrapbook Coach classes over at Get It Scrapped.  They both are a HUGE part of my creative process these days!  If I loose my mojo I just refer back to one of those or focus in on one of my current assignments/projects and I usually get the kick in the pants that I need from that.

What is my signature style?

Style wise I am an artistic doodler.   I don’t get it on every page but it is who I am.  My favorite work always includes doodling, inking, painting or something of that nature.


Several of my favorite blogs have already been featured along the Scrapbooker’s Blog Hop; Christy Strickler, Amy Kingsford, and Doris Sander, but you all would like to see someone new so here are two more scrappy friends that I love to check in on!

Tami Taylor

Sue Althouse

Both of these ladies have provided me with oodles of inspiration and besides they are both lovely women!  They will each share more about their process and doings next Monday, September 15th.

Happy hopping and thank you so much for stopping by!

Media with Michelle

Media with Michelle

August 29, 2014 |  by  |  Copics, Scrapbooking, Tutorials  |  No Comments

Have you seen my latest series of articles over at Get It Scrapped?  Over the past year I have been writing short tutorials demonstrating how to get some of the current medium trends onto scrapbooking layouts.  I have looked at Gelatos, Paper Crafter Crayons, stamp making, weaving, and more.  This month I was going to take a month off and then I found a tutorial on line that I just had to share!  A fun technique using Copics that I have not seen before.  If you have even 1 or 2 Copic markers you will want to check this one out.  So simple and beautiful.  The color in the background of this layout is created with Copics!


Layout by Michelle Houghton | Supplies: cardstock; Colorbok, feathers, flower trim and patterned paper; SEI, ink; Copic, acrylic heart; Freckled Fawn, button and twine; American Crafts

Every time I find a new use for my markers and a new technique I am blown away by their versatility.  And this time was no exception.  I love the chalky look that this technique brings to the markers!  Make sure to check out the full tutorial HERE!

Happy Friday, hope everyone is getting a few minutes of crafty time this long weekend!

Layout and life updates

August 28, 2014 |  by  |  Copics, Family, Scrapbooking  |  No Comments

I have a new layout in an article over at Get It Scrapped and I LOVE it!  This is a technique that I had not tried before and I am so glad I did!  The article is about using photographs that are 6″ x 12″ on a layout.  HERE

6 x12 photo

Lake Wenatchee Trail by Michelle Houghton | Supplies: wood grain paper and sticker letters; Basic Grey, orange patterned paper, green tag and doily; SEI, chipboard letters; Jilly Bean Soup, twine; American Crafts, ink; Zig and Ranger, metal charm; unknown

I am embarrassed to say there is a type-O in my remarks there.  It says I used various “dots” which if you look at the layout I obviously did not, I used various “fonts”.  The main reason I have not tried this before is the size of the photograph.  I do not have a printer that will handle a 12″ photo.  Solution I had two photos printed at my local shop as 11″ x 14″, ones I knew that I could crop 2″ of the 14″ length and 5″ of the 11″ width.   Here is a close up of some details.

Blog 6x12 2

I also created a second layout using a 6″ x 12″ photo since I had 2 printed just in case and ended up loving this one equally as well.

6 x 12 photo

Up & Around by Michelle Houghton | supplies:  cardstock; Colorbok, patterned paper; Crate Paper, wood veneer , heart clip, dots and flair: Freckled Fawn, butterflies;Jenni Bowlin, letters; Basic Grey, doily; SEI

This is one of those pages that fell together.  I am so glad I printed both photos and was able to complete the two page layout as well.

blog for july

In the Copic world we have added some of the last classes of the 2014 onto the schedule!  You can chef them in the class listing, just click on the link over to the right.  If you near any of these last stopping spots the classes are all spectacular an worth the time and effort.

On the family front the girls are loving school!  Loving it!  Sara happily reports she still has not gotten lost in the Middle School hallways and just this week beat ALL the girls and ALL but one boy in the pull up testing for PE.  You go girl!  Lori loves her class and teacher and is thriving in ELP she particularly loves this pull out time.  She has become as veracious a reader as Sara and spends much time poring over the 3 to 4 books she likes to have going all at once.

Life here in Des Moines is cruising right along.  We are praying for John’s sister Sheri as she is struggling mightily with her health again and we desire peace and comfort for her.

Happy Thursday all!

We are up and running!

August 15, 2014 |  by  |  Announcements, Scrapbooking  |  1 Comment

School has started here at our house and the girls are both loving their new classes.  Lori is in 4th grade this year and Sara is in 6th, which around here means middle school!  They are both having fun and were ready to go back so the world is a happy place!


On Monday I got to share a layout at Get It Scrapped featuring a Venn Diagram.  If you are not sure what that is I’ll bet you will recognize it when you see it!  We learn all about them in early grade school as a way to organize stories and ideas.  Circles interlocking and overlapping showing how things interact.

Venn Diagram


who knew…by Michelle Houghton | Supplies: cardstock; Tim Holtz by Ranger, acrylic paint; Dina Wakley by Ranger, fabric letters; Studio Calico by American Crafts, ink; Sharpie, vellum tags; SEI, buttons; an old favorite shirt

blog ven 1

I have told tidbits of how John and I met through several layouts over time and this seemed like a great opportunity to share a little more.  I used acrylic paint and a cardboard ring to create my Venn Diagram and I love how loosey goosey it turned out and the fact that I could place it right on top of the photo as well was a bonus.  I just realized that in the photo the vellum tags do not look the same as in real life.  The big navy looking tag above the photo is actually a teal color that is similar in hue to the ring and both orange tags are considerably darker in the photo as well.  Hmmmm… not sure why that got thrown off so much but oh well.  I loved how the Creative Team explored different styles of diagrams and uses for them.  Take a peek at all the inspiration HERE

Get It Scrapped is currently running an amazing deal!  You can get a 25% off discount to the monthly subscription through next Friday HERE and check out this sneak peek at what is coming up in early September!


In the mean time I am crazy busy trying to catch up on the house design team and Copic work and writing a few new classes and a few appointments I was holding off to do.  It is all keeping me out of trouble that is for certain!

Happy Friday!