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Copic Certifications and Coloring Flowers Workshops

March 3, 2016 |  by  |  Announcements, Copics  |  No Comments

I have just updated all the current OPEN Certification and Coloring Flowers Workshops. All are open through April, we only have 2 locations left in May after these classes so check them out and see if we are in your neighborhood or a near by state :-). Check out the dates, times and locations in my sidebar or HERE, or at the Imagination International, Inc. site HERE


Then in May we also start adding a few more Workshop classes. If you missed them last year the More Whimsical Faces and Hair, Vintage Values and Mono-Tones and Clothing and Accessories Workshops are coming around again so make sure to catch them when they stop near you! I will post again when these classes start opening up!

blog 3blog5

Hope you are having a happy Colorful Week!

New Copic Carrying Case

February 22, 2016 |  by  |  Copics  |  No Comments

Did you know that there is a new Copic case out there? It will carry all your Copic sketch, Ciao or Various Inks in style!

blog case 1

The case is a heavy plastic and aluminum exterior with a sturdy handle and 2 latches that can be locked if desired.

blog case 2

The interior is lined with a thin foam layer throughout and squeezes down on the plastic storage cases that fit the Sketch, Ciao, and Various Ink. They squeeze down enough that even with one smaller plastic container in the center of my carrying case I can close and latch the lid, shake the case and the Copics stay put.

blog case 3

The case fits the 72 marker holders perfectly! Here is a shot with 5 plastic 72 sketch marker holders. This will hold 360 sketch markers and look, I have room to spare! Most days I would not be carrying all my markers, but I can and have space for my small sketch book, a bag of Multiliners and packet of images if I want. I could even tuck an ABS-1 Air Brush in that space hmm…

blog case 4

Lastly it also has a shoulder strap that attaches to metal rings on the sides of the carrying case, so if you really load up you can carry the weight a little easier.

  • The cases come in 4 colors
  • 13.5 x 18 x 7″

For those looking for a different option for carrying all of their markers this could be a good fit. You can find them at Imagination International, Inc. and slowly now at other Copic retailers.

Have a Happy Colorful Week!


Inky Fingers and Fun!

February 15, 2016 |  by  |  Announcements, Copics  |  No Comments

Look out Atlanta here I come. In 5 and a half weeks I will be flying my way to (another new destination for me) Atlanta, Georgia! I will be teaching the Copic Standard and Intermediate Certification as well as the brand new Copic Flower class. All three classes have been open for registration a couple weeks now and are filling fast so if you would like to come play get signed up today!


In the mean time here is a little inky fun for today! I created a VERY SIMPLE background for a little Valentines card for my Doodlebug. I used my Copic Various Ink and created the background on a shiny photo paper. I also used a straw for this particular technique, mine happens to be a milkshake straw so don’t let the size throw you of :-)

blog ink 1

Step #1 РI dripped 3 dots of one of my colors onto my paper.

blog ink 2

Step #2 – I blew through the straw quickly splattering the ink.

blog ink 3

Step #3 – I repeated the process with 2 more colors.

blog ink 4

Like anything else you might have to play a little with colors that work well together!

Step#4 – Patiently wait for the ink to dry (ha ha) and attach your new paper onto your card!

blog ink 5

I used Various inks in BG00, YG01, B02 for the background, the stamp is by Taylored Expressions and the Copic colors used are FYG1, YG01, FRV1, RV04, BG000, Boo. I also use my Kirarina Wink to create the doodled outline on the card. It worked great over the ink and on the slick surface!

Hope you have a Happy Colorful Week!


Sparkle Sparkle Making Poppies Pop!

January 25, 2016 |  by  |  Copics  |  No Comments

I am playing again and isn’t it fun! I am adding a little bling to my image today with atyou Spica pens on top of my coloring. I started with a beautiful image from Day For Daisies:

blog poppy 1

1 – I used Y17, YR14, YR18, R24, R29, R59 to color the bloom.

blog poppy 2

2 – Then I tested on a scrap the effect I was going for. I decided on 3 atyou Spica pens in Gold, Black and Garnet.

blog poppy 3

3 – I added the atyou Spica right on top of my Copic coloring when the ink was dry. This photo is taken at an angle so you can see the beautiful shimmer. Spica pens are made with very fine glass so the shimmer effect is super settle and absolutely stunning.

blog poppy 4

4 – I finished coloring the flowers and then added the vines and a background that fades to white. (G94, B000)

blog poppy 5

5 – And of course added the sparkle on all the flowers.

blog poppy 6

If you want to add just a touch of sparkle and shine to your images, Copic or otherwise atyou Spica pens are a great option.  They feature 24 colors, micro glass flakes, waterproof ink when dry, Pigment based ink, a non-clog tip, they are non-toxic and acid free, even archival for all your crafting projects.

Check them out at Imagination International, Inc. or your nearest crafting store.

I will be updating my class info in the sidebar today as well so if you are looking for classes make sure to check in there to find Certification classes or Workshops near you!

Have a Happy Colorful Week!

Kirarina is a hit at CHA

January 21, 2016 |  by  |  Cards, Doodling  |  No Comments

One of the things I got the pleasure of doing at CHA was working the booth. What that entails is coloring and sharing information about the product that I love, COPIC! I also got to share about the other products now being carried by Imagination International, Inc and show off the new things that are out and about in the industry.

One of the things I demonstrated most was all the Kirarina pens. Everyone wanted to know what they do, what are their differences, where would you use them. There are 3 pens and one puffy paint in the Kirarina line. The are not alcohol based and do NOT blend with Copics. They are made by the same company that makes Copic, .Too. The pens are made as part of a stationary line. So for crafters you would most likely be seeing them with daily planners, artistic journals, and other places you might find writing.

I am lucky enough to get to play with all the new stuff to and share it with you! So why do I love the new Kirarina Wink pens?

Let me count the ways: 1 – Kirarina comes in a variety of fun colors, 18 to be exact.

blog kirarina 1

2 – Opaque white, swoon, the doodler in me is in love!

blog kirarina 2

3 – Shimmer every girl like a little shine.

blog kirarina 3

4 – I just love to doodle and these pens scream for it.

blog kirarina 4

5 – That’s really all I need to know opaque, shimmer, doodling!

blog kirarina 5

One more fun tool for my craft bag. I am itching to get scrapbooking with these cuties. Hopefully this year I can carve out some time to do that!

Check out the new Kirarina Wink pens, I think you will like them too!

Have a Happy Colorful Week!