Imagination International, Inc. Holiday Wish List Part 1!

November 24, 2017 |  by  |  Copics

All I want for Christmas is art supplies. Yeah I still love to color doodle and explore all things artsy! So I am creating a two part post telling you about my top 10 wish list items that can all be found at Imagination International, Inc!

  1. Copic markers (of course!)

If you or the one you are buying for has an ongoing wish list of “must have colors” this is probably right at the top of his or her list it would be the top of mine! Copic markers are an alcohol based marker that will blend just like paint! They are low oder, have replaceable nibs and are refillable. You can store them vertical or horizontal and come in 368 colors yes you are seeing that correctly 😉

2. Paper! Yep if I am going to color I want PAPER! Two amazing options at III that I love:

X-Press It Blending Card – pricy but oh so nice. This is a very hard cardstock in that it is super smooth and is going to take A LOT of ink! You can add layer upon layer and not bleed beyond your image lines.

Copic Sketch Books that are manufactured right at the III warehouse are amazing as well! I LOVE the paper in these books a little bit lighter weight, but still takes a lot of ink! It is slightly off white and the books come in a plethora of wonderful sizes!

3. Transfer Paper! This is one of my absolute favorite NEW products from X-Press It. This stuff is amazing!

You can run it through your printer, use each sheet multiple times and comes in graphite and white to work on darker papers. Best of all it will not come off on your fingers or your projects until you want it too! This is NOT the old carbon paper!

4. Another product that is from X-Press It is their tape runners! These guys are the bomb!

After doing a lot of research they discovered that the refillable dispensers were using even MORE plastic then the disposable ones so this guy even though it is disposable is being Earth friendly! This looks like your standard tape runner but there are some neat features, the adhesive is great super sticky, all you have to do is lift to stop the tape, no pulling or dragging to get the tape to stop. 

5. Copic Multiliners make my list as well! 

I am a doodler as you know 😉 and in order to doodle and add all my beautiful Copic color on top of my doodles I NEED sketch pens that are compatible with my Copics. Multiliners fill the bill, they are completely compatible (made by the same company to work in partnership with Copic ink). They come in multiple colors and A LOT of different sizes! If you are interested in refillable ink and replaceable nibs check out the SP Multiliners.

If you would like a little less expensive pen that is disposable (they will still last quite a while look into the Multiliner. Both pens are sold individually and in sets. 

If you have any questions on the products I have listed let me know!! I am happy to help AND I will have a part 2 with some fun different products for the crafters in your lives. I will post those on Monday!

Have a Happy Colorful Week!

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