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Yep, Marianne Walker is bringing a new word into our lives! Wondering what it means? It is a German word that means “diversion from its proper use”. The challenge, use an Imagination International, Inc. product in a zweckentfremdung fashion. Little did I know that I did some research for this very post this past month at Copic In The Craft Room

On Thursdays I have been posting fun questions about Copic, crafting and general silliness. We have had incredible participation and wonderful responses. It is truly exciting to see the Copic crafting family so active and involved! Any way, I posed the question “Favorite Copic “alternative” use? Other than coloring in an image” and I got all sorts of answers! So I have compiled a list and added a few photos where I have tried a few of these “alternative” uses or zweckentfremdung uses for my Copic markers!

  • Adding color back into bleached carpet
  • Matching wood varnish where worn out
  • Coloring over stains on cloths
  • Change the color of the roots of high quality wigs 
  • Color Ribbon to match art work
  • On white thread to perfectly match clothing being sewn
  • Touching up scuffed shoes
  • Gray hairs
  • Add color to decorative pearls or rhinestones
  • Color a bleached spot on clothing
  • Pet damage on wood furniture
  • To enhance metal embellishments, decorations and jewelry
  • Brush Lettering
  • Touching up Cabinets
  • Touching up Seat Covers in the car
  • Touching up frame on eye glasses
  • Air Brushing mattes for art work
  • Decorating an air cast
  • With Wood Burning
  • Fixed old wall paper
  • Black out personal info on junk mail before throwing out

Here I am testing a couple out: 

First I am correcting some scratching on wood, this happens to be a busy bench in our mud room so it is COVERED in scratches I am showing you a larger gouge in amongst many other scratches 🙂

Then I tackled some gray hair (he he) I do not have man and it is hard to see in the photo. The rest of the color in my hair is NOT Copic even though many have asked. 

And of course coloring all sorts of do-dads to go on all your crafting projects to create your perfect matching embellishments!


Copic markers lend them selves to all sorts of coloring since they stick to most surfaces and come in such a WIDE range of colors. This list is only a sampling for some of the uses some have found for these Fab-U-Lous markers. No wonder why we love them so very much!

We are having so much fun over at Copic In The Craft Room! Come join in the conversation and inspiration.

Have a Happy Colorful Week!

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  1. I’ve been doing a little extra deep cleaning around here and have pulled out my Holtz alcohol inks on cotton tip swaps to touch up furniture (ginger color works best) as well as using markers to cover little white spots on dark fabric lamp shades.It is nice to be able to match colors, but I need to use my Copics more for their intended use too.

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