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September 25, 2017 |  by  |  Copics, Tutorials

One of the new product lines at Imagination International, Inc. this year is the full line of Tommy Arts products. I’ll be honest and tell you that s soon as I saw these beautiful paints and mediums in action last year I used my next pay check to stock my art shelves with a lot of Jars with the beautiful Tommy Art labels on them. 

If you are not familiar with Tommy Art they are a fabulous line of Chalk-Based Mineral paints. These, however, are not ordinary chalk paints! they are buttery smooth, beautiful one coat coverage and flexible. You can bend and fold your paper after painting it and the paint does not crack or flake off. Then you have a whole series of wonderful specialty product that go with the paints. I can’t describe them all in a single post but encourage you to check them out over at the III web site.

This month one of the products the Paper Crafting Design Team is featuring is the textural mediums in the Tommy Art line. YAY!

A perfect excuse to play! So I started by building a base with Copic Various Inks:

I used some leftover ink off my craft matte that is floating on top of hand sanitizer. You can see the leftover ink is starting to color the old book page and the hand sanitizer has gotten the paper coated.

Then I dripped Various Ink in three more colors onto the wet surface of the paper. The hand sanitizer has the ink spreading and if I tip the paper at all it runs one way or the other. A lot of ink and moisture on the paper!

I used a roll of paper towel to roll over the page and soak up the surface ink and moisture. You can see the colors much more clearly now!

Next comes the Tommy Art, I am using the Stencil Light Paste and the Timbrillo. (Make sure to roll the R when you say that one it sounds much more sexy)

To start I mixed a small amount of both textures into a Dixie cup. The Stencil Light Paste is exactly what the name implies a paste used to created raised texture through a stencil. The Timbrillo is a medium that adds gorgeous sparkle! The Timbrillo is meant to be added into the mediums or paints for added shine and I will use it in conjunction with the paste and on its own. 

I selected a beautiful stencil by Dina Wakley an used a palette knife to spread a thin coat of my mixture over the top of the stencil that I laid on top of my dry inky book page.

I lifted off the stencil to see the results. The paste is very thin, maybe 1/16th of an inch at the most, maybe a little thinner. I had a little extra paste under the right eye of the image and it was easy to use a toothpick to gently clean up the excess.

I decided I wanted some more sparkle, so after cleaning up my palette knife I used it to add the Timbrillo around the moon face. I could use a paint brush. the Tommy Art products clean up easily with water, I just had the palette knife handy.

I loosely attached my dry page to a sheet of white cardstock. To complete my piece I found an old mixed media page created with Copic, oil pastel and acrylics that I attached my cardstock on top of with foam tape. 

For now it is finished. You never know with a mixed media piece, I have been debating some writing around the edge of the white frame, but I am pretty happy with it at the moment so I am going to leave it as is for the moment. 

Our entire Paper Crafting Design Team will be working with several of the Tommy Art products over the next few months so stay tuned. To find links to several of the Design Team members blogs and posts head over to Copic In the Craft Room on Facebook. I feature our Paper Crafting Design Team twice a week with all of their fabulous art!

Thanks for joining me today,

Have a Happy Colorful Day!



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