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Glitter for cards and Copic Classes for Fall

Happy Friday to all who are tuning in today. Big in the Copic world is the fall Workshops are starting to open for registration! Chicago, Richmond and Boston are now all open for registration! You can check out my side bar for details —-> or head over to the Imagination International, Inc. site for class information and of course get yourself signed up!

I also have another product to share from the fabulous X-Press It. Check out their adhesive sheets! What do you need with another adhesive. Well let’s take a peek at a quick project I did with the X-Press It Adhesive Sheets.

So I suppose I could cut the sheets in strips or chunks and use it for just sticking things down, but why not use it for sticking sparkly things down, like say, glitter?! I did all the lettering on the card above using the Adhesive Sheets. Here is the process for the card I made.

Step 1 – Create a cut file on my Brother Scan and Cut. You could use any cutting machine and any cut file or die cut. This is a file I created by handwriting the lettering myself and then scanning it into my machine.

Step 2 – Feed the adhesive sheet into your cutting machine and cut out your design or shape. This took more then one try for me. I needed to put the printed side UP instead of down as shown and use a really sticky matte as well.

Step 3 – Peel off the back side, or printed side of the double sided adhesive sheet and stick it onto your paper.

Step 4 – Peel off the top layer leaving just the adhesive on the paper. (Step 3 and 4 took a little practice as well. The adhesive kept sticking to me and then balling up, and I tried to peel off the top side, or white side, first and the whole thing came apart.)

Step 5 – Spread GLITTER all over the top of the adhesive die cut.

Step 6 – Tap off excess glitter.

Step 7 – Glitter your other die cut pieces and assemble your card.

Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope you all have a spectacular weekend and believe it or not start of your JULY! 

Have a Happy Colorful Week


4th of July!

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