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March 23, 2017 |  by  |  Copics

I am asked frequently about the sets that are available through Copic. Which is a good one? Which one will get me what I need? The answer is just not that simple. It is so dependent on what you will be coloring, your own personal color preferences and as you practice and your skills improve looking at pushing contrast and variety in your coloring. I have always, for those reasons, been a huge supporter of collecting individual markers and creating your own “perfect” set! 

That being said there are some amazing smaller sets of Copics that can get you headed in the right direction. One of those sets is the Skin Tone Set of Ciao Copics. It is a set of 6 markers that includes E000, E00, E11, E15, E18 and E93. I6SKIN

6 markers you say how much variety can you get out of 6 markers? WELLLL…let me show you. I took this as a personal challenge! I picked a new stamp from Stampendous out of my stash that I have been excited about using, stamped her multiple times and tried to push this little group of 6 markers to see the true range that I could achieve. 

blog 1

I am personally tickled with the results. I love a good challenge and I tend to do my best work when I have one. I feel like this is one of those “best” moments. I love the range from a fair skinned face to a truly deep brown skin tone. And all of them turned out lovely. I also was thrilled to find a couple new combinations that I had never tried before that turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Here is a map of the colors that I used on each of the faces.

blog 1a

Here are all the ladies close up

blog 3

E000, E00, E93

blog 5

E00, E11, E93 (LOVE THIS and so simple!)

blog 2

E00, E11, E15, E93

blog 4

E11, E15, E93

blog 6

E00, E11, E15, E18, E93

I did not use ANY other colors on the faces above just the 6 markers coming in the Skin Tone set! Then I decided the image was looking so nice that I better just keep coloring so I gave them each unique hair and eye coloring and kept the clothing simple as if they are a dance or performance group :-).

Blog 7

I am thrilled with how these ladies turned out! and all that gorgeous skin with just 6 markers! So all of that to tell you, if yo are looking to add a range of skin tones into your collection, it just does not take much! If you are interested in the Ciao set check them out HERE

Color, color, color, write down your favorites and then color some more! 

Have a Happy Colorful Week!


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