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SP Multiliners and Refils

Did you know that there are 2 different kinds of Multiliners? If you are a Copic fan you probably do, and you probably already know the difference. There are the standard Multiliners these are wonderful sketch pens that are compatible with Copic markers for sketching, doodling adding on to images, weather you are adding color with your Copics or not Multiliners are a favorite among artists. 


So then what is the difference with the Multiliner SP? The difference is they are refillable! Same wonderful ink in richness and Copic compatibility, but with the Multiliner SP you get the same great benefit as your beloved Copic markers, you can refill the ink and replace the nibs. 


I own a few of the Multiliner SP pens and use them A LOT, I knew I would when I purchased them so I went ahead and bought the SP version so I could refill and reuse the pen. My Multiliners happen to be broader nibs (they come in a whole range of sizes). I know that I tend to be a little heavy handed when it comes to my sketch work so I decided to get pens that have slightly thicker nibs and stand up to my abuse. So along with owning these pens I usually have on hand refill ink cartridges and replacement nibs. The trick is having the correct ones.


To replace your nib and/or ink cartridge you can use the Replacement tool if you like. It has two ends the wider opening is to remove the cartridge from the base of the pen. The tiny u notch at the other end of the tool will help lift the nib out of the top of the pen. Once you have pulled your pen apart (with your fingers or the Replacement tool) you are ready to replace the ink and then the nib. Double and triple check that you have the correct sizes of both!


You can see on the packaging that the nib is specifically for a .5 Multiliner SP which is what is labeled on my pen. The cartridges come in two sizes A and B each one is compatible with several bodies. The B cartridge fits the .2 pens and larger where the A is for smaller Multiliner SP pens.


Carefully slide the cartridge into your marker body until it fits tightly in the base. Then very carefully insert the nib. These have a long thin core that actually inserts into the ink cartridge. Always replace your ink first and then your nib. If you are only replacing the ink you might even consider pulling the nib out and putting it back in after the ink cartridge is in place. The core can be easily bent by forcing the cartridge into it. 


Now that I have my pen back together I am ready to doodle! As you know I like to doodle!

Doodle Tangle #1

Next month I will be doodling up a storm to show you the Multiliners in action! Make sure to check back 😀 And if you would like more info on the FAB-U-LUS Multiliner SP pens and refill cartridges and nibs check it out at Imagination International, Inc. 

Have a Happy Colorful Week!

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