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June 20, 2016 |  by  |  Announcements, Copics

Welcome to a Start of Summer Copic Blog Hop!

As summer get’s into full swing our Copic teaching team will take a short break from teaching to focus on refueling their creative juices and preparing classes for the Fall season and brand new classes for 2017.

But as we hit pause on teaching, we are ramping up for the fall season of Copic Workshops, More Whimsical Faces and Hair, Vintage Values and Mono Tones, and Dress For Success: Clothing and Accessories! All three of the workshops will be taught at all 9 of the following locations this fall.

Registration is NOW open for these three locations:

Chicago, IL August 19th-20th

Dallas, TX  August 26th-27th

Edmonton, AB August 26th-27th

The rest of the fall classes will be opening soon so make sure to register to get e-mail notifications so you will be the first to know when classes are open in your area.

(Sign up at the bottom of the page)

Upcoming Copic Workshops will be held in:

Charlotte, NC September 9th-10th

Las Vegas, NV September 23rd-24th

Sacramento, CA September 23-24th

Boston, MA October 14th-15th

Hanover, MD October 14th-15th

Portland, OR October 14th-15th

To celebrate all this Copic coloring goodness we are hopping through our Copic instructors and friends AND have a prize worthy of hopping!


One lucky winner will win a pass to attend a single Copic Coloring Workshop class in the US or Canada in the 2017 season. ***(We will not be offering an alternative prize for those living outside the US or Canada. You are welcome to participate, but be aware that the prize will be for a class in the US or Canada in the 2017 year)***

So how do you win?

You will need to answer the 6 questions at the bottom of this post! There is a question related to each of our bloggers today so you will have to check them all out! Then send a quick e-mail to ME with your answers. Go to the upper right corner of my blog and hit the little envelope icon, this will get an e-mail directly to me.

Include your name, and e-mail address with your 6 answers so I can make sure to get the prize to the right person!

Those who have all 6 questions answered correctly will be entered into the drawing to win the Copic Coloring Workshop. E-mails must be received no later then Midnight Eastern time, Saturday, June 25.

How about a little Copic Love for this blog hop? This is what I have been working on recently, lots of color studies for the photo tutorials over at Copic In the Craft room! Did you know that I create a new video and photo tutorial that are available free to everyone at the Copic In The Craft Room Facebook page? Here are some quick peeks into some of the art I have created for the photo color comparisons.

blue allGall


Every week I have compares all the natural blending groups in one Copic color family. I have a few more weeks left and I will have them all covered.

On the video front we have really focused in on simple shading with natural blending groups and even one marker shading. Here is a pile of a few of those as well.

blog hop

All right enough already, you ready to win a class? Here are the 6 questions:

  1. What is Debbie’s Olson’s favorite thing to sketch and color?
  2. What is Michele Boyer’s favorite use for her colorless blender?
  3. What technique does Lori Craig share on her blog today?
  4. What is one of Cindy Lawerence’s favorite ways to fill her backgrounds with Copic color?
  5. What is Sharon Harnist’s favorite Copic color?
  6. Besides my blog where do I (Michelle Houghton) post LOTS of Copic information?

To find all the answers hop to all the other blogs and e-mail your answers to me by hitting the little envelope in the upper right corner of my blog.

Debbie Olson at:

Michelle Boyer at:

Lori Craig at:

Cindy Lawerence at:

Sharon Harnist at:

Michelle Houghton at – hey you are already here!

Good Luck and Have a Happy Colorful Day!


  1. Thanks for the hop. I’ll be back with the answers later. One of the girls doesn’t have their site up yet and I have to get a move on or my Mom will beat me with a wet noodle. She’s 88 and still going strong.

    My question for you is if I don’t have Facebook is there a way to still have access to In The Craftroom? Thanks.

    • Bunny somehow I missed your question in the craziness of the hop! I just stumbled on it today. You can find the video tutorials on YouTube just look up Copic In The Craft Room. The photo tutorials are all on Pinterest. I hope you still catch this and can find all our fun stuff!

  2. Hello, what a wonderful prize! I live pretty far from all the classes but would travel and get hotel if I didn’t have to pay for class too. Debbie Olson doesn’t have her post up yet. Wanted to let you know in case she was having a problem she doesn’t know about yet. Thank you for all the copic information you share with us all. I have learned so much from you.

  3. These are fabulous samples! I’ll be checking out the FB page!
    I am not too far from Sacramento, CA and I would love to win a class!

  4. I am so glad you shared this Michele, I never new about this page. I just liked it. Yay. TFS. I love your color studies.

  5. Oh. My. Goodness! I’m so glad this site was included in the blog hop! I didn’t know it existed before today. I’ve got a lot of reading and viewing to catch up on.
    Best. Blog hop. Ever!

  6. Great little hop. The team had some great works to show. I just checked the FB page and it showed that I had liked it but I had to click on the square to get all of the updates. Didn’t know that wasn’t turned on until today. On my way to email the answers now. Have a great day!

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