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Intro to Copic Coloring

In the past I have shared about the book series being written by Marianne Walker and Imagination International. Her first in the series was Coloring Flowers with Copic and then Faces and Hair. The next is a bit of a re-wind, going back to Intro to Coloring with Copic Markers. It gives a lot of basic information about Copic markers and the how and why they work. It, like the other books, includes a whole section of images by Marianne that are for the owners use and practice.

The book also includes a whole slew of techniques that go beyond basic blending. Thank you Marianne! I tackled some clear glass leaning on the techniques found in the book. I want to try it again, like anything it takes some practice, but here are my results:

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I also decided instead of photo step outs it might be fun to video the process so here you go!

You can find the Intro to Coloring with Copic Markers at Imagination International Inc. and other Copic carriers!

Have a Happy Colorful Day!


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