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Scrapbooking at last and where have I been?!

I actually did a little scrapbooking before Christmas this year! It had been almost a year since i had had time or the energy to scrapbook and it really felt decadent to squeeze it into the holiday crush. I made two mini albums, one for each set of grandparents, featuring things we had done together over the past summer.

I have to qualify this and say that the album I made for the Houghton GPs had the paper glues down and sanded to the chipboard and so I just needed to crop, add photos and do-dads. The Weaver GPs got the Mini Album I have been slowly creating over the past 7 months for Copic In The Craft Room. I had all the bases to the pages and do-dads made it was gluing it all down. Not that all that did not take time it just was not a start to finish project all crammed into the week before we left for Arizona.

mini Album blog 1

Mini album blog 2

mini album blog 3

mini album blog 4

Then the four Des Moines Houghton’s tromped off to Arizona for a fabulous time roaming the desert mountains for another holiday.

I had 3 days at home and off to Anaheim, CA for CHA, Craft Hobby Association’s annual convention. Our team had a very successful CHA with lot’s of spectacular classes, demonstrating in the booth, meeting with our team to keep things running smoothly in 2016 and plan ahead for 2017. Overall I had an amazing trip and came back one whipped puppy with a smile on my face. I really do LOVE my job!

CHA 2016

I am cranking away at new videos, curriculum for local and national classes, photo tutorials and you know keeping a house and family running like a well oiled machine, ha ha!

I hope this note finds anyone readying it, happy, healthy and well, tucked in and warm!

Have a Happy Colorful Week!

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