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Sparkle Sparkle Making Poppies Pop!

I am playing again and isn’t it fun! I am adding a little bling to my image today with atyou Spica pens on top of my coloring. I started with a beautiful image from Day For Daisies:

blog poppy 1

1 – I used Y17, YR14, YR18, R24, R29, R59 to color the bloom.

blog poppy 2

2 – Then I tested on a scrap the effect I was going for. I decided on 3 atyou Spica pens in Gold, Black and Garnet.

blog poppy 3

3 – I added the atyou Spica right on top of my Copic coloring when the ink was dry. This photo is taken at an angle so you can see the beautiful shimmer. Spica pens are made with very fine glass so the shimmer effect is super settle and absolutely stunning.

blog poppy 4

4 – I finished coloring the flowers and then added the vines and a background that fades to white. (G94, B000)

blog poppy 5

5 – And of course added the sparkle on all the flowers.

blog poppy 6

If you want to add just a touch of sparkle and shine to your images, Copic or otherwise atyou Spica pens are a great option.  They feature 24 colors, micro glass flakes, waterproof ink when dry, Pigment based ink, a non-clog tip, they are non-toxic and acid free, even archival for all your crafting projects.

Check them out at Imagination International, Inc. or your nearest crafting store.

I will be updating my class info in the sidebar today as well so if you are looking for classes make sure to check in there to find Certification classes or Workshops near you!

Have a Happy Colorful Week!

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Kirarina is a hit at CHA

One of the things I got the pleasure of doing at CHA was working the booth. What that entails is coloring and sharing information about the product that I love, COPIC! I also got to share about the other products now being carried by Imagination International, Inc and show off the new things that are out and about in the industry.

One of the things I demonstrated most was all the Kirarina pens. Everyone wanted to know what they do, what are their differences, where would you use them. There are 3 pens and one puffy paint in the Kirarina line. The are not alcohol based and do NOT blend with Copics. They are made by the same company that makes Copic, .Too. The pens are made as part of a stationary line. So for crafters you would most likely be seeing them with daily planners, artistic journals, and other places you might find writing.

I am lucky enough to get to play with all the new stuff to and share it with you! So why do I love the new Kirarina Wink pens?

Let me count the ways: 1 – Kirarina comes in a variety of fun colors, 18 to be exact.

blog kirarina 1

2 – Opaque white, swoon, the doodler in me is in love!

blog kirarina 2

3 – Shimmer every girl like a little shine.

blog kirarina 3

4 – I just love to doodle and these pens scream for it.

blog kirarina 4

5 – That’s really all I need to know opaque, shimmer, doodling!

blog kirarina 5

One more fun tool for my craft bag. I am itching to get scrapbooking with these cuties. Hopefully this year I can carve out some time to do that!

Check out the new Kirarina Wink pens, I think you will like them too!

Have a Happy Colorful Week!

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Scrapbooking at last and where have I been?!

I actually did a little scrapbooking before Christmas this year! It had been almost a year since i had had time or the energy to scrapbook and it really felt decadent to squeeze it into the holiday crush. I made two mini albums, one for each set of grandparents, featuring things we had done together over the past summer.

I have to qualify this and say that the album I made for the Houghton GPs had the paper glues down and sanded to the chipboard and so I just needed to crop, add photos and do-dads. The Weaver GPs got the Mini Album I have been slowly creating over the past 7 months for Copic In The Craft Room. I had all the bases to the pages and do-dads made it was gluing it all down. Not that all that did not take time it just was not a start to finish project all crammed into the week before we left for Arizona.

mini Album blog 1

Mini album blog 2

mini album blog 3

mini album blog 4

Then the four Des Moines Houghton’s tromped off to Arizona for a fabulous time roaming the desert mountains for another holiday.

I had 3 days at home and off to Anaheim, CA for CHA, Craft Hobby Association’s annual convention. Our team had a very successful CHA with lot’s of spectacular classes, demonstrating in the booth, meeting with our team to keep things running smoothly in 2016 and plan ahead for 2017. Overall I had an amazing trip and came back one whipped puppy with a smile on my face. I really do LOVE my job!

CHA 2016

I am cranking away at new videos, curriculum for local and national classes, photo tutorials and you know keeping a house and family running like a well oiled machine, ha ha!

I hope this note finds anyone readying it, happy, healthy and well, tucked in and warm!

Have a Happy Colorful Week!

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CHA 2016

Well a week away and my head is swimming with Copic ideas and my fingers are itching to coloring new samples, color new images and think ahead to new projects.

I have spent an amazing week with the Copic Certification team and I love these ladies it is amazing the talent in this photo, I am privileged to be a part of the group!

CHA 2016

I am excited to go home to see John and my girls, but not real excited to head back the the freezing cold in Iowa. But I will be headed to Atlanta in March and hopefully will be able to thaw my bones while teaching the Certification Classes.

I have added the Periscope app to my phone and when I get a little set up for my phone I will try to post a couple art sessions :-). If you want to follow me now look me up “Michelle Houghton” and you will be all set up to peek in on my crafting table.

Don’t forget to keep track of ALL our Certification classes and coloring flower classes that are opening up over the next few months, the workshops will start up in May!

Happy Colorful Week!

Stay warm out there!