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New Book and Line Art Packs

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Imagination International, Inc. has released a winning pair of products. Along with Marianne Walker’s new Coloring Flowers and Coloring Faces and Hair books you can purchase a pack of line art to practice your new techniques on.

October blog 1

I am lucky enough to be playing with the Faces and Hair book and Line Art Pack. The book is top notch, which is what you would expect from Imagination International,Inc. and Marianne. I have learned several new tips and tricks to try in my own art work after doing a quick breeze through. I know there will be more when I delve deeper.

The line art pack is full of beautiful 8.5″ x 11″ images. What surprised me the most was the range of styles in the pack. From whimsical to realistic there are portraits that will appeal to everyone and certainly challenge and stretch your skills!

October blog 2

I picked out an image that I would never have chosen to color if I was buying it for my crafting. I wanted to challenge myself and try something new. If you have taken one of the workshops from me you will know that I am continually looking for new skin and hair combinations and this face would give me that challenge once again.

October blog 3

I found a section in the book that looked at a similar face in that it had the texture and wrinkles that were similar. I also found an optional color combination on the next page for a darker skin tone. I love this new skin combination! I will be adding it to my list to take with me while teaching and in my own art. E13, E04, E74, E77.

October blog 4

Then it was on to the dreadlocks. Haven’t colored dreadlocks before so luckily there were some basic tips on how to tackle this style of hair. ¬†I wanted to keep my face looking older so I used a series of warm grays for the beard and hair. W0, W1, W3 and W5.

October blog 5

I really do like how he turned out. I did little to no blending in most areas, but I think with this face it works. I am looking forward to figuring out what crazy colors to add to the hat, beads and background. I will post him again for fun when he is done.

The book and line art are sold separately and also as a set HERE. As Marianne continues in the book series I know even more great Book and line art packs will be available.

I will come back tomorrow for a family, Copic In The Craft Room, life update!

In the meantime Happy Coloring!

Video Time! Last Copic Classes for 2015

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This week’s video over at Copic In The Craft Room features one more peek at the Copic Fluorescents.

I also wanted to make sure you know that we are down to our last 4 Copic Coloring Workshops of the 2015 year. If you are near Sacramento, LA, Vancouver or Portland check them out and sign up for a weekend of coloring fun!

Have a happy Colorful week!

Monday starts us off with a haunting new image

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Monday’s video at Copic In The Craft Room is a big hit! I used a digital stamp from a new friend that I met in Ottawa a few weeks ago and everybody loves it. Take a peak if you like:

The stamp can be found at My Whimsical Little World.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Happy colorful week to everyone!

I love Blue Greens How about you?

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The latest Copic Photo Tutorial is featuring the Blue Greens and different ways to add your deepest shadows.

CCR BG70 72 75 78

The sweet little Jellyfish is from Some Odd Girls. To check out the full tutorial you can follow the link found at Copic In The Craft Room or head strait to Pintrest and the CCR board there.

Happy Colorful Thursday to you!