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Copic Class Update and School Time!

Wanted to make sure anyone who is interested in Copic classes is continuing to watch updates as the final few classes of the 2015 season are opening up for registration.  I have updated my schedule so you can click on the classes you are interested in over in the side bar or click HERE.

You can also go directly to Imagination International Inc. to get all the nitty gritty.  There are only 2 classes at this point that have not opened up for registration so all of us are busy busy!

On the home front things are busy as well, both girls are back at the books hitting the halls for 5th and 7th grade this year!

image1 image2

I managed to get a shot of Lori by her locker and Sara jumping out of the car.  They both were ready to see friends and share news from the summer.  Sara was dreading homework and Lori was excited to get going.  I am praying for great years for both of them 🙂

And today I officially have a teenager in the house! YEP we hit 13 today! Happy Happy Birthday to my Sara!

Happy Colorful Hump day to all of you out there!

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Photo Tutorial – Blonde Hair alternative colors

Did you see the video that posted last Monday? Shading blonde hair was the focus. Last Thursday then I posted several alternative color combinations for blonde hair. Here is a peek at one of the images;

blond 6

Make sure to hop over to Copic In The Craft Room so you can shoot through to see the rest of the color options. (Obviously this is not an end all be all list, just some possibilities to start)

Have a colorful day!

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How about a little art?

I shared a vacation journal on Instagram and thought I would post a few of the photos here as well since some of the pages are featuring some wonderful new Imagination International Inc. products, and since several of my friends don’t follow me on Instagram. Check these out:

vacation journal 1

vacation journal 2


I have not done pencil drawing in FOREVER and this felt so good to get back to some of my artistic roots. I was inspired by the landscape of Alaska and had these fun new lead pencils by Nobby. They are crazy fat lead in beautiful metal holders. I am loving working with them and they are so easy to travel with.

I also want to share one of the other Kirarina products that you can find at Imagination International Inc. These are the 2win that have a dual tip, one for writing and one with a chisel tip, I am loving them for my dsayplanner! I can write and highlight all sorts of the craziness in my daily life.

clander 2

calander 1

Have a happy, colorful hump day!