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Large florals and Live classes

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I want to make sure to let anyone who is interested know about the classes I am teaching live at a local shop!  This next month I will be teaching 2 doodleing classes at Memory Bound Scrapbook Store in Ankeny, Iowa.  On Saturday May 4th from 10:00-12:00 I will be teaching Oodles of Doodles. (This link will take you to the monthly newsletter giving you all the info on both classes.)  We will be making a small mini album FULL of hand doodling.

CKC Class Oodles of Doodles 2

On Friday, May 31 from 6:00-8:00 I will be teaching Doodle Tangle.  In this class we will be focusing more on grouping doodles together inside shapes.  These will be added to a few new frame patterns and then a 12 x 12 layout.

Doodle Tangle #1

Please contact Memory Bound and join me if you are close by!  I would love to see some friends!  And if you are a new follower and joining me make sure to introduce yourself, I love to get to know knew friends!

On to scrapbooking!  Besides scrapbooking about friends Get It Scrapped has a fun article this week about scrapbooking with large florals.  Here is my contribution, sweet and simple.

Large Floral

Have a great weekend!


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I have been waiting to share this particular layout.  I love all the pieces of it.  You know there are times where you like a layout and then there are times you love every little bit, this is one of those times.  I think the other part is I created so much of it myself.  I doodled the computer screen frames.  misted the background, hand wrote the journaling even doodles on the ticket.  It was what I saw in my head and I was able to get it all out in paper, ink and tape.  It just feels good.

This particular layout is part of an article at Get It Scrapped that is a collection of layouts giving tribute to our closest friends, I am proud to have Tami as one of mine and so thrilled to share the layout about her!

Don’t forget to check into the 5 week celebration at Get It Scrapped as well!  They are giving out CRAZY prizes over there!!

Grandpa and Lori

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OK so I have to admit this is one of my more favorite layouts as of recent days.

I have enjoyed all of the challenges and creating as part of the Get It Scrapped team over the past year.  The ideas are always so fresh and make me think about my scrapping in new fun ways.  Pages that might be just ho-hum turn out so much more special when I have a little added challenge or direction!  Thank you Get It Scrapped!

This layout was no exception.  The article it was created for is about Merging Title and Journaling.  The photos are special ones and I bet you can see why.  It was so much fun thinking through what I wanted to say about the photos and seeing if I could find a word or phrase that could stand out out as a title amongst it.  Any who I LOVE how it turned out!  Make sure to check by Get It Scrapped to find more ideas and inspiration HERE.

This weeks news and a layout

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So I hope everyone is starting to feel the thaw of spring.  We are still a bit chilly and I know my parents are downright cold being buried in snow in Denver.

I wanted to make sure to share the events going on at Get It Scrapped! over the next few weeks.  Debbie is celebrating 5 years of being open and is handing out some pretty amazing prizes to those participating over the next few weeks you will need to go by and check it out!  Click HERE to get all the details!

Also today a really fun article posted about using rainbow colors.  I have to say Marie-Pierre’s layout with the watercolor in her stamped mason jars is one of my all time favorite layouts I just LOVE it!  I also had a layout included here is my contribution…

For those of you that are Copic lovers stay tuned over the next week and possibly the next couple months I am going to have tons of news and announcements from all different directions so keep checking back!


Hugs everybody!



Catch up on Life and Layouts

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 Hard to believe I missed an entire month of posting but with the business of March I know why.

The first weekend had us hosting the Houghton Grandparents and nursing a sick Lori back to feeling good so she could participate at her state swim meet.  She did EXCEPTIONALLY well for having been crazy sick for 3 full days before the event.

The second weekend had Lori and I traveling to Minneapolis for regional swimming (and some retail therapy at the Mall of America).  John was on call.  Grandma Weaver flew in from Denver to play with Sara and take her to a dive meet in the wee hours on the morning in Grinelle.  Both girls had a great weekend and we can’t thank Grandma enough for helping us make it all happen!

The third weekend found us on spring break and visiting john’s sister Sheri in Salida, Colorado.  We spent the next week in Denver and then the fourth weekend returned home.

The last weekend in March saw john back on call and the girls celebrating Easter quietly at home.  We managed to get an Easter service in and a dinner all together Saturday night so a successful weekend and closure to the crazy month.

In the past month I did have four new layouts posting at Get It Scrapped.  Debbie Hodge and her amazing team keep cranking out great work.  Here they are and links to the articles you can find them in;

Using the Colors found in Nature…

9 Photos on 2 Pages



Using Journaling

I can’t promise that I will keep up this month, but I do have a little more breathing room so I am going to make every effort to back to regular postings 🙂

Hugs all!