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Yep it is official I am teaching my next Copic Coloring class! #2 is up and ready for sale. The class will start October 4th but of course we are running a deal if you sign up now! If you are new to Copics you can get a bundle deal with my beginning class as well and we are going to run that one live in September! Yeah Yeah! So check out all the details HERE or click on the art work above.

I will try to post a couple more sneak peeks this week. I have a great duck image this time that I just finished and you will LOVE!

Hugs all!

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SOOOOO we had this little end of summer get together for a group of girls. Partly to have our very first Birthday party for both the girls but really to see school friends again. The weather did not cooperate for our plans of outdoor water fun with Pizza and ice cream BUT not surprisingly the girls all still got wet and enjoyed themselves. The highlight however I think was this….

Yes that is John on a slip and slide and the girls screamed him on to do a few more. That is Lori currently cheering Daddy on. We really did have a fun day.

I have not posted in a while and there is never really a great excuse but I will give you mine anyway! I was visiting all of the Weaver 5 clan in Oregon for a week where we had PERFECT weather and an amazing week all together! Could not have been any nicer really!

Then while I was on vacation I found out Debbie Hodge is ready for the next installment of my Copic Coloring classes and the sooner the better. 🙂 I am more than happy to oblige and will be teaching Copic Crazy live (on-line) in September and Copic Coloring #2 in October. I have the stamp artist lined up and am working on the art work this week. I will give some sneaky peaks this next week.

So there you go that is my life in a very tiny nutshell. School starts in two days and the girls are excited and ready. I will be using every spare minute getting my class together and John is busy as usual.

hugs all!