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January 30, 2011 |  by  |  Cards, Copics, Tutorials  |  1 Comment

Well as the month of January comes to a close I am blinking and trying to figure out where it went! It has been a busy and productive month for me. I have two new tutorials up at Get It Scrapped, completed a lot of challenges. Including this card to the right. It is the current color challenge from iCopic. I spent the past two days making a stack of Valentine cards with Copic colored hearts on them. I’ll do a short lesson to go with them in the next few days. I taught in Lori’s classroom this past week about artist Milton Avery and even managed to squeeze in a couple doctor appointments around the other business.

The girls are busy as every we wrapped up our cookie sales with 135 boxes sold not much by today’s standards but quite an accomplishment for us. Most of it was door to door by Sara so I am very proud of her.

Rumor is we are expecting another pile of snow. But we are still smiling as of yet since the comparison to last year is still so much nicer!

Happy Sunday to you all and have a great week!



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So here is part two for today. Three dives from our future Olympian he he. No really we are just so impressed our timid little girl keeps coming back for more. We have a simple jump from the high dive, a back dive and a flip! Sorryh the high dive is sideways!


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Just in the nick of time here is a little card that fills two challenges again. Both Sassy Lil Sketches and iCopic.

This week has been a busy but productive one and next week promises to be even busier with a few extra appointments and meetings. I did manage to get a couple little clips of Sara diving and I will post those in a day or two.

Happy Sunday and Hugs to all!


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Here is another version of my Copic “new year” numbers. The layout is for the next round of One Month at a Time at Get It Scrapped. You can find the directions for the Copic new year numbers there as well.

The photos are from my birthday ice cream, gotta love Cold Stone. I think these shots of John and the girls will be the true indicators of our lives. I am not sure how many we have at this point looking just like this all snuggled together over Dad’s bowl of ice cream but it is a lot.

In the meantime the weather is holding tight with below zero at night and with wind that take it that cold during the day. We did however manage to get one snowman made though before it all froze solid and he is standing firm in the front yard as I type this.



January 17, 2011 |  by  |  Family, Scrapbooking  |  2 Comments

I just could not come up with a creative title so I might just resort to dates from now on :-). this week has been a busy one as usual with activities and general life keeping us at a busy pace. The addition was a lot of snow on the ground and bitter temperatures. We almost had forgotten we were in Iowa but we are right in the midst of a more typical stretch of weather. Sara and I braved the weather two evenings (with Lori in tow) to sell Girl Scout Cookies for the first time. She did a great job and looks like she will achieve her goal of 100 boxes! We were lucky and were the first ones in our neighborhood to hit the houses. I think that just means we were the only ones nuts enough to brave the frigid conditions! On Tuesday I celebrated a birthday! My youngest brother said happy 33rd, hmmm… i think he is just a tad off but oh well. Our family celebrated with ice cream the Sunday before, an Ipod and some wonderful hand made gifts from the girls. I started the actual day teaching at the Y and being sung to then I had a wonderful lunch with my friend Tiffany at Cheesecake Factory, Thanks Tiffany! I finished this little layout playing at my friends Heather’s house on my B-Day. The sketch is from Sassy Lil Sketches again. I topped the day off meeting with Club Copic so lots of friends and fun. 39 is so fine and the Houghton’s here in Des Moines are doing very well!