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Well the recital has come and gone one more year! The girls were spectacular and so fun to watch. Amazing how fast they learn! For now they are still loving dance so we will be back at it next fall. Who knows how long that will last. There are possibilities that I will be teaching one class again next year BUT still very up in the air. Here are a couple photos of my pretty girls. Yes the hair is part of the dance “Hair” the tap for Sara.

I broke Lori’s flower after putting her make-up on BUT she smiled on stage so we were OK 🙂 Still a beautiful girl!

Happy start of the week all!

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Yes I am teasing this week. i am giving you two sneaky peekys at my upcoming stuff. The first is the image for my next Copic article made especially with my “Mom’s of boys” friends. But I added mine to a science page and it turned out quite cute!

The next is a true peek at a page that I am creating for a page swap and I am trying to make them all think. Mom if you are reading this you’ll be able to figure out what it is. We were supposed to pick out a quote to scrap and share I chose a song from childhood that is fitting for my friends spread out across the country and world. Matt and John bet you can guess too.

Well as for our doings we are winding down the school year here and ramping up into field trips, end of year programs, and recitals. Then in a few weeks we flop into our summer schedule. I got all sorts of morning activities lined up for the girls so they will not have to be in the child watch while I am teaching. Swimming, dance a little day camp at the park, and even a fun one at a Pump it Up. Should be fun and keep them a little more entertained this year. Next week I’ll make sure to post the recital doings! Break a leg girls!