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Another card

April 28, 2010 |  by  |  Cards, Copics  |  1 Comment

I have a whole series of these little guys so here is one more fun card. Someone should be recieving one very similar to it very shortly or might already have it. I have 3 sister in laws with their birthdays in April and one Father in law. (only one of those you know) so cards gallor! My friends at GIS are all celebrating in May so busy me and lucky you I’ll just keep sharing.

Here is the detail on the little bird.

Not sure why the top of my post is underlined but there you go.

Things are good here. the girls are beyond excited about Dad having his B-Day. I know they are more excited than him on this one. And let me tell you he has some good gifts wrapped up on the mantle. You know the 5 and 7 year old hand made “by ourselves” kind. 🙂 John will love them all.

Happy B-Day John!

Random thought

April 23, 2010 |  by  |  Cards, Copics, Family  |  1 Comment

So I have been busy busy playing with my new toys! My Copic markers and I am getting better and better. Here is one of my latest cards.

I will post a few over the next week or so. I am loving experimenting with colors and seeing how far these can be pushed very fun. The stamps I used this time are Basic Grey and if you are dying to know the Copic colors just leave a note or e-mail I will be happy to share!

As for the randomness I though I would share a little money saving tip I came up with all on my own may not be original but I sure think it is creative. I love Bath and Body’s thick body creams, they are the very best, at least to me. BUT they are pricey and I hate the fact that you can not get all of the lotion out of the bottle! i am not willing to pay that much, even when on sale, which is when I buy them and not use every tidbit! Sooooo I get it all out every last squish of lotion and here is how.

When I have squeezed as much out of the bottle as I can and it looks almost empty like this…

I cut it into three sections like this…

I scoop out ALL of the lotion out of the top and middle portions and use it if I am ready to right then or just put it in the bottom portion of the lotion container (the section with the lid) Then I slide the cut off top onto the cut off bottom and voila I have my lotion contained in a mini bottle AND I can scoop out every smidgen of it with my finger. I usually get at least 5 or 6 more uses out of a single container by doing this.

This is a lot of randomness, I know, but someone might find it useful 🙂

Happy Friday to you all!

I am still here

April 15, 2010 |  by  |  Family  |  No Comments

Wow I think April started up like a lion again. Nothing bad just a lot. I am chasing my tail right now. So sorry for the lack of updates.

Easter has come and gone, we had a very nice time at the neighbor hood Easter egg hunt.

The girls got lots of eggs and had a great time playing with all the other kids! The weather turned here in a big way. We are having lots of 70 even 80 degree days. Short sleeves and capris are in order!

My big news I had 5 layouts selected for publication and I sent them in the mail yesterday. After several years of submitting it finally paid off. You will be able to see my work in Memory Makers Big Book of Scrapbooking Ideas, spring of 2011. Yeah a whole year away but no less exciting!

I have written a couple more articles and have 5 of 6 lessons roughly written for my next class so things are good just busy. Dance and swimming continue for the girls, I am in the pool with Lori this time since the class is so big and dance is finally winding down towards recital. Woosh I am ready for that.

Hope all of you are well, hugs to all.