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Bragging rights – Part 1

November 20, 2009 |  by  |  Family  |  1 Comment

I have put a challenge out there for the ladies at GIS and I will pass it on to anyone who stops by here as well. Take this holiday season to do some bragging. Not on yourself but on those around you. Take a few days and spend some time sharing some love with those you love.

This week I am starting with my closest, my family. (The ones I live with :-))

These three are the light of my life.

First there is Sara – I do not think there is a brighter, kinder girl out there. She is wise well beyond her years and beautiful to boot. Sara’s memory can already out do John’s and mine. She reads a book and can quote it back to you with the underlying meaning attached. She cares deeply for all those around her and feels deeply.

Then there is Lori – Can a ray of sunshine be tucked up into a little body? I think yes. This girl is the walking definition for joyful. She sings and laughs everywhere she goes. They worry about her in swimming because they can’t get her to stop smiling to shut her mouth. Play hard, laugh hard, snuggle hard, love hard. That is our Lori.

And then there is my John – This man is my soul mate, my completing half. His drive and passion in his work is amazing. His tenderness and playful side as a Dad NEVER ceases to amaze me. And the love and care he showers me with brightens my life. I am very spoiled by John.

I love these three, more than words can ever express.


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Well early wishes to all for a happy holiday season or start of it at least. I will probably be away from the computer to wish you happy closer to Thanksgiving so I am sending well wishes now. Starting after turkey week I am going to do a little bragging here on the blog. That is bragging on those closest to me so stay tuned for that.

This week is a busy one with parent Teacher conferences, getting ready for a trip and all the regular day to day. I did get to scrap this past weekend and got a few things completed.

Hi Beau and Bonnie!

Here is another one…
And one more for good measure, my favorite. Wouldn’t you know the one that comes together easily and at the spur of the moment is the one I love.

Well best go hit the counters. Love to all. Be safe as you travel and hug friends and family lots! I am sending hugs your way too!


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Yep he did it and I will shout it from the mountain tops! JOHN PASSED HIS BOARDS!!!!!!!!!

OK needed that! It is amazing how your life can hang in the balance waiting on one bit of news. How it can create such a pivotal point in your lives. If this happens we can do this… if this happens we could plan this… don’t plan anything there until we know about this… It goes on and on. But we are there, we know, and he passed so we can “acknowledge and move on”. Words to live by my friends, words to live by.

So last week was tense but John was home and did get some good play time in with the girls and me. The weather here has been more then a blessing in the 60’s and sunny most days. It gets dark around 5ish these days but it is not keeping us from our loops around the block. We know colder weather is quickly on the way so we will take advantage while we can.

A fun piece of news for me is that I will be teaching my Doodling class again on line. Originally I re wrote it to be set up as a class that people could come and take self paced, meaning they could just get all the lessons and do them whenever, but Debbie invited me to teach the class “live” again and I am thrilled. I will be teaching early January and the class is completely re-done so lots of fun new material. In the meantime I will be doing a tutorial in December at Get It Scrapped as well but I am not sure if we are announcing the whole plan yet so I better not spill the beans.

Like I needed another project I have also been playing with two classes that are currently running. One is working with stamps and I have made two cards already then the other is an art journaling class. I am not a big journaler but this class is SO much fun lots of messes, spray ink and paint here are some images of the pieces I have been working on. I am behind in the class but loving just tootling along at my own pace and really enjoying the process.

Here is one of my cards
Here are the inserts that will go in between some of the pages (we are making a book from scratch) The last image is of some of the pages themselves.

Well I think that is about all for now, whew! I obviously has been holding off posting!

Ah yes and I leave you with two new jokes from Kindergarten!

Who always wares their shoes to bed?
A Horse!
Why did the cookie go to the doctor?
He felt Crummy!

Happy weekend all!

Weekend Doings

November 2, 2009 |  by  |  Scrapbooking  |  1 Comment

Well John has been off to Dallas and the girls are home playing. We got lots of little errands done. Dropped off or extra Halloween candy (the peanut kind) at a dentist who collects it for the troops. We did a Sam’s run ate out a couple times got to go see our brand new YMCA and even had dinner at a friends home. The Pederson’s introduced the girls to Checkers and Trouble and then sent the games home with us so we have been playing lots. I also got a little scrapping done. Imagine that! Here are the latest…

It has been fun to go back and get these photos done from Matt and Janelle’s wedding!

Happy week all!