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October summed up

OK so the end of October has been rough. Too much, too fast , too sick, and too tired, BUT
these two are just too darn cute and I love them too darn much. They make it all worth it, enough said!

Sara the cuddly cat
Lori the marvelous monkey

Happy Halloween!

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Bernard Pivot Questionnairre

OK so latest Blogging challenge. This one is from the TV show Actor’s Studio” I guess it is a list of questions they all answer. Here are my answers…

What is your favorite word? Smock (Calvin and Hobbs fan)
What is your least favorite word? hate
What turns you on? art in visual, movement and music forms
What turns you off? arguing
What sound or noise do you love? rain and Lori laughing
What sound or noise do you hate? fingernails on the chalk board
What is your favorite curse word? darn – I stopped using them in college, I really did not like how I was sounding.
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Teaching art/scrapbooking classes more regularly and live as well as on line.
What profession would you not like to do? Sales.
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? You have done your best. (And I hope and pray it is enough)

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Weekly doings

Well it is Sunday and not much to report out of the ordinary here we did accomplish this yesterday!

The girls finally decided to try carving this year and both picked beautiful big pumpkins. To top it off neither one was too slimy or messy so the three of us layed out paper in the garage and had a grand time. Believe it or not the one with eyelashes is Lori’s, I had to simplify her original design just a tad. Sara went with the traditional look. And last night while John was, guess what… I was busy doing guess what…

And this too!

I am getting back into last years left behinds and made these two layouts with kits from my friends “Scrap This Kit” monthly kit club. Last weekend I participated in a weekend crop on line and managed to complete 9 pages woo hoo. I liked several of them lots! A couple from San Diego and a couple from much earlier. Next Saturday I am scrapping away from the house while a babysitter watches the girls and Lori goes to a B-Day party. I am hoping to tackle the Bellingham wedding and see how many I can get done. Maybe a mini book too.

Here are some Kindergarten jokes for those of you watching for them…

How do you make a skeloton laugh?

Tickle his funny bone!

Why does a whitch ride a broom?

Because a vaccume cleaner is to heavy!

Have a very happy week all!

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Where my feet take me (or fingers or car)

So my very good friend Tami has us blogging again and this time she wants to know where we go bodily and here on line on a day to day basis.

My day always starts with a quick check in at Get I t Scrapped some of my very best friends are there and they always start my day with a smile. I also check in with the ladies at Apron Strings, a kit club that I have enjoyed over the past three years.

Then off in the car to Kindergarten and then off again too first grade. Two schools this year so a little bit of driving.

Then I take myself to the YMCA usually these days teaching, in fact 5 classes there starting in November. No class on Monday but you can usually still find me there 🙂

Shower at home or the Y and off to pick up the Kindergartner. Home for lunch and nap and a couple chores. Check in with online friends one more time.

Pick up the first grader and then it depends on the night Tuesday is dance, Thursday is Swimming Mo, Wed and Fri. are home but then dinner baths and bedtime routines and if I am lucky some scrappy time at my desk and one last shout to online friends.

Yep that’s my day at least the abbreviated version.

Happy Tuesday all!

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Class Assignments

OK so I fibbed I am back today and you all get to take a peek at more work. I am currently unable to post my work over at GIS who knows why so temporarily I am going to post my class work here. I am taking a spectacular class from Doris. She does amazing stuff with layouts and all the add ons and has a wonderful teaching style. She is a teacher in real life too imagine that, any hoo, at the end of each lesson she gives a fun challenge that really gets yo putting ideas and techniques together that you wouldn’t on your own. Here is mine from her first class

The chick is created using a spray ink and then adding the doodled outline. The assignment was to use icons as part of creating the feel of your page (my chick and egg) use a large chipboard element (the egg) and use spray mists (my chick) and use some basics (brads for eyes)
Here is the layout for lesson #2
The assignment on this one was Creat a grid with a basic shape (the circle photos) include journaling lines to write on (the ribbon created my lines) paper piecing (the large flower boquet) and use different fonts in your title (yep did that too)

So until I figure out what I have screwed up on the computer you all get to see my assignments here, lucky you!